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Pharrell Williams:from street to haute couture

For nearly a decade, the phenomenon of Pharrell Williams with multiple hats has been unstoppable:fashion icon, producer and designer...This year, it is alongside Karl Lagerfeld that the artist will rub shoulders with Haute- Couture with Chanel.

Pharrell Williams:from street to haute couture

We know Pharrell Williams as a renowned producer, member of the N.E.R.D crew that we still haven't got tired of listening to. In recent years, we have been discovering another facet of Pharrell, that of the fashion entrepreneur, from the model for a day to the overbooked designer that we see everywhere, having become an expert in fashion collaborations, each one more stylish than others. A question then signs and persists on our lips:when will it stop?

Pharrell and his collaborators

Pharrell Williams is on all fronts, always excelling in the choice of its fashion collaborations. With Nigo , he will co-found the brand A Bathing Ape in Japan and launched two successful lines in 2003 and 2005:Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream.

Then, he will chain partnerships, first with Adidas for a collection of sneakers - he still collaborates with the brand today - then it will be Uniqlo for a line of t-shirts or G-Star for an eco-friendly collection, in favor of the protection of the oceans - because yes, Pharrell Williams, in addition to being full of talent, is also environmentally conscious.

In 2006, for Louis Vuitton , Pharrell will design a pair of sunglasses then imagine a line of jewelry, two years later, called Blason . For Moncler , he will design a range of down jackets, he will imagine a perfume for Comme des Garçons and even a bike for Domeau &PérèsPharrell Williams is everywhere, even where you least expect it.

Pharrell x Chanel

The rapper knows no downtime, fulfilling his role as a rapper, stylist and model to perfection. In 2015, it was the consecration for him when he received the prestigious Fashion Icon Award of the CFDA - recognition among the best. The Man in the Hat by Vivienne Westwood has definitely conquered the Fashion Planet and a whole different kind of consecration awaits it in 2016, yet another collaboration that promises to be one of the most beautiful…with Chanel .

In 2015, Karl Lagerfeld had already called on the rapper for one of his campaigns where he poses with Cara Delevingne , dressed like never before. This time, Pharrell Williams goes to the other side of the workshop of the Haute-Couture house. In the video published by Chanel to announce the event, we learn that Pharrell Williams "was able to dive into the heart of their creative process and took part in the creation of these unique pieces".

Until we discover these unique creations, we are patient with the latest collaboration from Adidas x Pharrell, called Pink beach , perfect for the late summer.