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Create your pants with Maison Artling

Since 2010, Artling House tailor-made men's clothing in a resolutely British style, with undeniable elegance. For this new season, the House has imagined a range of customizable pants, from cotton to cut and color, of course.

Create your pants with Maison Artling

All men have the same problem when it comes to finding the pants that will make all the difference in their wardrobe. Whether it's the size, the length or the placement of the pockets, there is always something you would like differently...and it seems that the problem is solved thanks to the so british brand. Artling House.

It offers customizable pants for both spring-summer and autumn-winter.

From cotton to lining

First step to make the pants of your dreams, the choice of cotton - material:linen, velvet, canvas, cotton-stretch... the choice is yours among twenty proposals! Then comes the difficult choice of color. There are several variations of colors perfect for summer and more pastel tones without forgetting the basic and timeless ones - you will have understood it, there is something to have fun.

Tailor-made choices

Once the basics are acquired, it's time to refine these pants with a multitude of options that will make them the must of your wardrobe, the unique piece that looks like you. Among them, the cut (high waist, Bermuda shorts, with or without darts...), the shape and number of pockets, the tightening tabs or even the inner lining and the buttons.

And the price for your first work of art in fashion signed Maison Artling? From 280 euros to 320 depending on the options chosen. It's time to get started!