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Shopping list:5 gifts for Father's Day!

Every year, the same question persists on our lips:what gift to choose for Father's Day? After years of brainstorming with little success, it's high time to find the perfect gift. Here are 5 ideas from Gentside.

Shopping list:5 gifts for Father s Day!

2016 requires, no one can miss Father's Day. Firstly because it could become a major source of conflict within the family if you have the misfortune to forget, and above all because the Internet, all kinds of ads and your agenda leave you no respite, adding pressure monster when the time has come to find the present. Not too kitsch, not too serious but who knows how to be useful - nothing could be less simple but Gentside is here to help you find the gift that will make all the difference.


A sports dad is a godsend when it comes to gifts - there are a thousand different gadgets. At the editorial office, we fell for this futuristic backpack. At first glance, it looks like any multi-function backpack and yet it contains a secret:a mini folding chair. To take a break, to take it easy:we want it, 75 euros.

For a completely different purse and a completely different athlete, we opt for the electric bike. The Lapierre x Overvolt 2016 range offers real jewels of modernism and style that we hardly dare to use for fear of damaging them. A pedal work of art that makes you want to (re)start it. From 1399 euros.


Summer is two days after Father's Day and it's a significant clue when it comes to finding a personalized gift. Sunglasses are a safe bet - you always need a new pair. Gentside took a look at the Vintage Celebration collection by Persol inspired by the great Italian craft heritage. Warm colors and retro shapes to perfection:let's get started. From 180 euros.

If your father has a fondness for shirts out of sheer pleasure or necessity, Burberry has a collection of very chic cufflinks for everyday wear. We find the famous lines specific to the English brand and others even more worked. From 150 euros .


If your father is neither sporty, nor soccer player or even nostalgic for the time when France was champion, he will necessarily be patriotic and a bit supportive. And if Father's Day falls during Euro 2016, it can't be a coincidence so we mark the occasion with a special sweatshirt signed Le Douxième Homme.45 euros.