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Shopping list:sunglasses

Sunglasses are summer essentials and we were beginning to believe that we would never take them out of their case... Summer has finally begun and here is a selection of five pairs of glasses for all styles.

Shopping list:sunglasses

We start with a pair of timeless signed Ray-ban , the reference brand in sunglasses - no one will dare to contradict us. Among the flagship models, the clubmaster wood caught our attention this summer season, for their originality and their incredible ability to give style. Available in 4 colors. €329.

Dior, again

The Dior house was all the rage last summer with its model of unisex sunglasses that we saw everywhere. This year, we fell in love with the Dior 0210S model. with bluish lenses, clean lines and unstoppable finesse. Available on the Dior website, 410 euros.

Sporty and stylish

In honor of the upcoming Rio Olympics , the Oakley brand launches Green Fade , a collection of sunglasses for today's international athletes. Colorful models but above all fine frames in green - the brand's signature color - by hand and state-of-the-art optical technology. Coming soon.

Always on the occasion of the Olympic Games and becauseNike never ceases to surprise us, the brand presents a pair of futuristic sunglasses, an artistic feat that we also owe to the optical specialist ZEISS . Intense lenses like never before, a non-existent frame and an undeniable class. For athletes but not only. Available August 5th.