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Cargo shorts:the 'humiliating' outfit no man should wear

Are cargo shorts totally outdated? According to the Wall Street Journal, all fashion experts agree that this outfit is totally obsolete, even humiliating for the men who wear it...

Cargo shorts:the  humiliating  outfit no man should wear

Cargo shorts had their heyday in the 1940s with the army. In the US Air Force, the cockpits where the pilots sat were small. It was therefore necessary to find a way to be able to take with you the objects necessary for the flight. This is how the cargo shorts were born, shorts with large enough pockets and sewn at the thighs for easier access.

"Men don't evolve "

The Very SeriousWall Street Journal devoted an article to this piece, which is highly prized by men - especially in the United States - but nevertheless obsolete, according to certain testimonies. Joseph Hancock , professor of design, thus carried out his doctoral thesis on this subject. "These teenagers [who wore the cargo shorts] are now married but they are not getting rid of their youthful clothes. They are not evolving " he explains. Besides, other professionals agree about the cargo shorts. Tim Gunn , the American fashion guru said his cargo shorts were the least fashionable item in his wardrobe while DailyExpress explained that they were "a humiliation for any man of over 21 ".

However, wait a little longer before getting rid of them, as fashion is cyclical, cargo shorts could come back into fashion sooner than you think...