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Shopping list:fashionable glasses

Nowadays, glasses have become a real fashion accessory and no longer just an essential element for the survival of many of us:victory! All that remains is to choose the model…and here are a few that caught our eye.

Shopping list:fashionable glasses

We start our selection with a pair signed See Concept , a Paris-based brand that offers special reading or screen glasses and God knows we need them, with our eyes glued to our smarthpones. For 30 euros , you have the choice between 6 different frames, more than 15 colors and adjustable according to your diopter. We are a fan of the concept and their collaboration with Thank you and Colette for back to school in pastel colors!

Back to the sixties

The Atol brand are going back to the 60s with their new collection of glasses and we love the vintage models, especially the model "Duo retro gold" which bears its name very well. Extra thin lenses and chipped brown temples for a Harry Potter style that we proudly assumed in the sixties and that we (re)adopted in 2016.

We also love the Valéry model. , with an iridescent gray frame that immediately sends us back to a disco dancefloor and unconditionally gives a fashionable touch to all our outfits. To dare, imperatively.

Soon available!

Play it like Gosling

Ryan Gosling must also wear glasses on a daily basis and that reassures us a little. For years, we have seen it with a round but not too much model, with a discreetly spotted brown frame and we like the slightly neglected side that we copy with pleasure. The 2016 model of the brand Polo Ralph Lauren has the same effect. 144 euros.