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Tales of Wild:When advertising gives way to the art of documentary

"This is a call to those with a wild heart, to men who seek the absolute. This is their story".

Tales of Wild couldn't be summed up better. , the documentary web series produced by Dior. Resonating on the "wild" side, eponymous to their perfume, the 4 times 6 minutes each time present a character, a man, a moment, a moment when one becomes one with oneself and nature.

At the crossroads between Into The Wild and Friday Night Lights in directing, Tales of Wild enters the universe of 4 ordinary heroes. All under the watchful eye (and in 35 mm, purists will appreciate) of Clément Beauvais and Arthur de Kersauzon.

A force of nature, a surfer, a tightrope walker and a hermit. Just as many portraits that you have to take the time to discover. A wild and authentic universe, where the essence of the fragrance is ultimately respected.