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Meeting with the Little Prodigies

March, Women's month at NUOO. Even if in reality, we put women in the spotlight all year round! But for this month of March we thought it could be nice to introduce you to the NUOO women. Those who trust us to showcase their products. Women who undertake and who give the strength or the desire to others to get started. We invite you to discover their journey and their vision of beauty! Today, meeting with Camille and Clémentine, two friends who are at the head of the “green and sexy” French brand Les Petits Prödiges.

Meeting with the Little Prodigies

Above all, introduce yourself and your brand

“We are Camille &Clémentine, the co-founders of Les Petits Prödiges. We have been best friends for more than 10 years, and we embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure 3 years ago, at the end of 2017. Les Petits Prödiges is a brand of natural &eco-responsible cosmetics whose objective is to revisit the essentials of the hygiene/beauty routine in “Green &Sexy”. “Green” by natural formulas, ecological packaging and local production and “sexy” for colorful designs, attractive textures and pleasant scents. The origin of the concept:we both came from major cosmetics groups, and we were personally fed up with “over-consumption”. We had plenty of products in our bathrooms but we only used 4 or 5:our essentials! We therefore wanted to adopt a more responsible mode of consumption (both for the health and ecological aspects), but not to the detriment of the pleasure linked to our beauty routine. So we created Les Petits Prödiges to offer natural, ecological cosmetic essentials and pleasant to use. Hygiene products are the ones we use the most on a daily basis, and yet to which we give the least importance, both in terms of composition and aesthetics:it's a shame!”

What is your definition of female beauty?

“For us, the beauty of the woman is precisely that there is not only one. Every woman has her own routine, her own beauty. Every woman knows how to enhance herself, whether on the outside with an adapted beauty routine, or on the inside by feeling good about herself. Beauty goes through a multitude of aspects, and not just physical at all! With Camille, we advocate a simple and natural routine because we find that women are the most beautiful naturally!”

Who is your female role model and why?

“We are often asked this question which is hard to answer! On the professional level, we can only mention brilliant entrepreneurs like Juliette Levy, Mathilde Lacombe or Meryl Job for example. They were able to combine entrepreneurial project and personal life with brio. But in reality, we do not define our “models” by their gender (female or male) but rather by their backgrounds, their successes, etc.”

What is your favorite quote?

”At Les Petits Prödiges, our motto is:To see the glass half full! It is essential to always be positive, to be optimistic, even when things are going a little less well. And that's what's great about the adventure for 2, it's that if one has a little slack, the other is there to boost morale!”

A message to all women?

”We often say it when we are asked this question but for all those who want to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure:go for it! The hardest thing is to dare to start, but the rest is really worth it. It's not a long calm river, certainly, but it's so rewarding and motivating to work for your own project. You learn both professionally and personally.”

A solid, organic and natural range

Les Petits Prödiges offers a wide range of solid cosmetics. Formulated with very few ingredients, all of natural origin , the products are made for all skin types. The brand does not stop there because it offers French manufacturing and the most minimalist packaging possible. Moreover, the packaging of their deodorants is biodegradable. They are therefore completely zero waste products!

Natural ingredients in the right amount

One of the other strengths of this brand of organic beauty products is the few ingredients in their cosmetics. The compositions of their product are minimalist , you can count the ingredients on the fingers of both hands! For their multi-purpose balms for example, there are only 8 ingredients! The two friends start from the principle that in cosmetics as in food, the longer the lists, the more they scare consumers. Especially when you don't understand them! This is also why, on all their products, the INCI lists are translated into French , for complete transparency and trust.

Organic products for all skin types

Their first product on sale? A multi-purpose balm, and a real one! It removes make-up, moisturizes the skin, hands, beard, dry ends of hair, face and can even be used on toddlers (remember to choose neutral or coconut in this case). Sensitive skin with atopic tendency (with eczema) will love this product with its gentle and natural formula. The balms are also available in small format to be taken everywhere, very useful! The two friends then developed natural deodorants, soaps and recently solid shampoos .
The desire to create a beauty routine that follows the principles of slow cosmetics is present. In slow cosmetics, we seek to produce, and therefore consume healthy, natural and responsibly . No waste, no overproduction, only natural ingredients and a committed approach within the company.

Organic and natural products for the whole family!

All skin types find what they are looking for thanks to the universal range of Petits Prödiges. The essentials of the bathroom are all present! Deodorant, made with different essential oils to appeal to as many people as possible, soft soap with a flowery scent, solid shampoos that suit all hair types. Without forgetting the balms for the body as well as the face, the hair, the hands,... You understand, we won't do it again!
mothers-to-be can continue to consume Les Petits Prödiges products . The brand's solid shampoos and natural soaps are essential oil-free. As for the balm, the neutral and the coconut one are also guaranteed without essential oil. A natural deodorant was developed some time ago for future mothers, or nursing mothers! No baking soda, no perfume and no essential oil.

A strong commitment to the Planet

All the products in the Les Petits Prödiges range are organic but do not have a label with this effigy for the simple reason that a label is quite expensive! Between the tests and the long procedures, the brand has chosen not to embark on this process so as not to impact the price of its products.
No testing is done on animals on any of the products. However, their products are not all vegan. Their balms contain three ingredients from the hive:honey, royal jelly and beeswax. Each material is of course taken with respect for the bees!
Economical and ecological , the brand gives pride of place to the Planet and our skin.

It is with great pleasure that we offer you ever more committed and natural brands. At NUOO, we really believe in natural beauty and we know how sensory it must also be to please you! Finding natural and effective cosmetics , it is our daily pleasure.

And you, what are your brand favourites?