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The art of no makeup in 10 steps!

The art of no makeup in 10 steps! We no longer count the selfies of people with the hashtag #nomakeup which claims the naturalness of a skin too perfect than without make-up… Info or intox? It would seem that in the movement of a nude beauty, the new trend "no-makeup" is based on an extremely discreet makeup, all in layers. Isn't natural, of course, whoever wants… With the precious advice of Miky, make-up artist Lancôme France, find our 10 commandments of a perfect non-make-up!

Women have evolved a lot in terms of make-up, with the desire to be always more natural without giving up the desire to be perfect... The palettes have not however been put away in the closet, but they have adapted to this new makeup. A make-up inspired by layering, a sort of Japanese-style mille-feuille make-up, all in superimpositions that gives a complexion as perfect as it is natural!

Makeup does not go without care

If the trend is for no makeup, it goes first through impeccable skin hygiene! You have to take care of your skin, starting with a deep cleansing twice a month but also with treatments that drain and re-pulp. Nourished, massaged with blood circulation which is reactivated, the skin is regenerated and looks fresher! "The personalities I make up do a lot of treatments with advanced techniques to plump up the skin in the cabin, but they often accompany this treatment with a gluten-free and dairy-free diet that makes the skin swell" explains Miky (Make Up Artist Lancôme France). Apart from these diets supervised by nutritionists, women can also have recourse to other techniques such as acupuncture, backgammon pinching but also to rejuvenation solutions such as filling techniques, which must remain subtle to maintain a natural look…

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The art of no makeup in 10 steps!

Layering or the art of layering...

In make-up, explains Miky, "the personalities practice layering, that is to say a superposition of ultra-fine materials to give the impression that they are not made up while having perfect skin". With 10 very precise steps that the makeup artist was kind enough to decipher for us:

1/ the skin is dry
It is necessary to hydrate well, then one sponges with a kleenex on the vertical line of the face (forehead, nose, wings of the nose, chin, lips).

2/ Application of a mattifying base
A base generally in the form of a cream gel that is applied with the finger, going up from the chin, from the nose to the top of the forehead, without going on the cheeks which must remain very shiny, slightly pink, to maintain a more youthful appearance.

3/ Application of a very liquid foundation
If you want a "glowy" appearance with very fresh and very hydrated skin, you must choose a very liquid and very fine foundation that you apply with a brush (outwards, under the eyes, from the chin to the jaws ) always going up to "up" the strokes.

The art of no makeup in 10 steps!

4/ Applying concealer
For those who feel the need, it is advisable to choose a highly pigmented concealer that is applied with the finger by tapping lightly or with a very fine brush (so as not to exceed in the darker area).

5/ Applying an eyeshadow base
On the eyelid, apply the base while taking care to remove the excess in the folds of the eyelid with a cotton swab.

6/ Reverse contouring
With a very fine product like foundation but lighter than our complexion, we apply by tapping the product under the eye, the wing of the nose, not passing the top of the cheekbone, as in a triangle. Possibility of applying some between the eyebrows too, on the chin and the hollow between the lips. Then we take a sponge (a sponge-egg) to absorb the excess and melt the demarcations.
"Contouring is the art of make-up by points of light, where we proceed by contrast" reminds us Miky.

7/ For chubby cheeks
You can use blush-cream sticks to tap and have a fresh effect.

8/ Light Sweep
We finish with an ultra fine loose powder with a large brush, which we sweep very lightly on the forehead, the nose and the wing of the nose...

9/ Don't forget the eye shadow
Choose a very light shade to redraw the eyebrow which must be perfectly brushed, and with a very fine eyebrow pencil to hide the small imperfections of the eyebrows.

10/ An ultra light mascara
Choose a mascara for the eyelashes that lengthens the eyelashes without adding too much material, by removing the excess with your finger. The mascara should only lightly color the eyelashes.

The complexion is smooth and radiant and does not betray the true mastery of make-up, with the possibility of enhancing this complexion with lips on which a tinted base is added in small touches.

Miky's Make Up prescription

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The art of no makeup in 10 steps!
A big thank you to Miky, make-up artist Lancôme France