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The makeup faux pas you'll never do again

The makeup faux pas you ll never do again It's a ritual, before going out, we pamper ourselves, we dress up, we get ready. Evening dress, party hairstyle, make-up for big nights, it's all there. But nothing and no one is safe from a beauty faux pas! Here are some tips to circumvent them.

Mascara on the eyelids

You're dressed, dolled up, ready to go out. Your eyes are your charming asset, which is why you have carefully applied your special "smoldering gaze" mascara. Except that, in the rush, you didn't realize that your eyelids were also beautifully decorated with mascara. To avoid this beauty faux pas, we think (always!), to check the condition of our eyelids before batting our eyelashes. To remove these mascara deposits, nothing like a small touch of makeup remover applied to a cotton swab. Simple and precise!

The makeup faux pas you ll never do again

Badly spread concealer

At the end of the day, the legs and the eyelids are heavy! To give a little pep to your make up and illuminate your face, nothing like a good concealer! To lighten these shadowy areas, the concealer should be chosen in a shade lighter than that of your skin tone. So to avoid the ski goggle effect, take care not to choose it too light and to spread it well! A brush application is often more discreet than a finger application.

The demarcation of foundation

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You are not one of those (annoying) girls with tanned skin, without any blemishes on your face. This is why you sometimes put on a little foundation to give you a healthy glow. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. Except that the foundation, used as the base of your make up, must be discreet and light. It is therefore not a question of making an orange mask, the demarcation of which would be obvious at the ends of your face! To avoid this unsightly detail, it is advisable to apply makeup in daylight, and away from artificial lights. Thus, you will be much more aware of the tone that you will give to your complexion.

The makeup faux pas you ll never do again

The lipstick on the tooth

Tonight, it's the big night. Lipstick obliges. Before introducing yourself to the guests of the evening, you put on a little layer. It's red, it's glossy, it shines brightly. Sure of yourself, you wear your best smile. Except that, it is not you that we are looking at, but your tooth full of lipstick (also valid for lipstick that overflows on the corner of your lips). Are you embarrassed? Them too ! That's why no one tells you. To avoid these long moments of loneliness, wait a few minutes before showing off with your ultra-bright smile, while your lipstick dries out a little.

The flowing pencil

To make a splash, you opt for an ultra smoky eye makeup. Eyeliner, black pencil, XXL mascara, your gaze will be the most intense. But so that your smoky look does not end up in a smoky look, be careful not to let your pencil line run! To avoid the dramatic comedy effect, take the time to correct your pencil line. To do this, nothing is simpler than a moistened cotton swab, which you will gently pass all along. And for the less careful, prefer dry pencils to grease pencils.

The makeup faux pas you ll never do again

Flaking varnish

Perfect make-up, impeccable haircut, nail polish to match your evening dress, you are adorned to the tips of your nails. But the varnish is good, it still has to be flawless! Nothing is more neglected than a varnish that peels off or, on the contrary, that overflows on your fingers! To avoid this beauty faux pas, we organize ourselves! Do not apply it at the last minute, so that it has time to dry well. And if your nail polish is flaking but your schedule doesn't allow you to fix it, prefer the remover to the flaking nail art style.

The toothpaste trail

Before going out, and above all else, you go through the teeth brushing box for an ultra bright smile and super fresh breath! But so that this good intention does not turn into a nightmare, take the time to rinse your mouth well (really well). Because there is nothing less sexy than a pretty white trace of toothpaste deposited at the corners of the lips. Think about it!

The makeup faux pas you ll never do again

Sunburn effect blush

To look good, after the foundation step, often comes the bush step. Brown, orange or pink, to choose according to your complexion. Again, be careful not to add too much! Because from the good-looking face to the traffic light face, there is only one step! To avoid this beauty faux pas, once again prefer natural light to artificial lighting to perfect your makeup.

Cardboard eyelashes

The smoky make-up, the intense look, the extra size mascara, that's good. But not overdoing it is better! To enlarge the look, we often tend to let go of mascara. But be careful, don't be too heavy handed. There is nothing worse than eyelashes overloaded with mascara, cardboard effect guaranteed!

The makeup faux pas you ll never do again

The pshit too many

Before leaving home, you sprinkle your neck and décolleté with a touch of your favorite perfume. Your perfume is also a bit of you. Leaving a trace, a memory, a mark, with someone or somewhere, are the powers of seduction of a perfume! But for them to work, this one has to stay sober! A pshit or two is more than enough to dress your aura in a sweet, fruity, floral or spicy smell. Otherwise, you might turn heads, but not in the way you intended!