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Dress like…Olivier Giroud

We no longer need to introduce Olivier Giroud, great player of this Euro 2016 and first scorer of the competition against Romania... and yet, today, it is not his exploits in the France team that we are going to talk about, but his style outside the stadium - because it's always good to be inspired by our national heroes.

Dress like…Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud is an exemplary player but he is also a good face in French football, with a sober and effective style off the pitch but above all the favorite pieces that he wears very often and that suit him well. Overview of the Olivier Giroud style.


When Olivier Giroud returns the jersey, he very often replaces it in town with a black leather jacket - not to be confused with the perfecto. We totally validate, put on jeans for a casual but neat look and we try with this model Marton signed Diesel - 400 euros - one of the player's favorite brands.

to denim

As a football player, Olivier Giroud is often seen in sweatpants and we have nothing to complain about. However, he confides to the journalists of So Foot that his everyday outfit very often includes jeans and sneakers – Olivier Giroud is therefore a man like you. He likes them faded or raw like this model signed Dolce &Gabbana - 455 euros- another brand that he particularly likes.

Another unconditional piece of the French player's dressing room:the denim shirt. With polka dots, with a pocket or with foolproof sobriety, Olivier Giroud wears them on all occasions and we tend to want to follow him. Let's get back to it with this faded Western model signed Lee , at 90 euros.

Accessories side

What does a soccer player wear when he takes off his cleats? There isn't just one answer. Regarding Olivier Giroud, he seems to have a weakness for the high-top sneakers he wears with his famous raw jeans which we talk about above and it has been several years since he adopted this style. We imitate it with this timeless model from Adidas at 95 euros which always has its effect.

Of course, if you're a footballer at heart or a passionate collector, you can also get Olivier's cleats - the EvoPower from Puma .

Never without his Ray-Bans

Finally, and having seen it with my own eyes, Olivier Giroud never goes out without his Ray-Ban , model aviator as long as the sun is pointing the tip of its nose. Let it be said, this model suits her perfectly and we would like to look like her with it. Ray-ban, Aviator - from 120 euros.