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Sea walk look #2

We opt for a dress with graphic patterns, favor striped patterns, which are simple and very stylized, and favor fluorescent and acid colors. With this dress we put on a pair of sleek black sandals that are trendy this summer, all signed Zara. We choose a bag in the same shade of neon as the dress in order to harmonize like with this Pliage Shopping bag by Sara Morris for Longchamp. On the accessory side, you can assert your style with a watch

Ice-Marshmallow Glacier Blue color which will give a tonic touch and we wear a pair of white sunglasses with H&M tinted lenses. Little trick choose a neon swimsuit in the same colors as the dress if you want to go swimming at the beach.

Dress and sandals, Zara, €49.95 and €25.95 on Pliage shopping bag by Sarah Morris, Longchamp, €85 on Ice-Champallow watch, Ice-Watch, 79.90€ Sunglasses, H&M, 6.99€ on