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My doe eye

When I was younger, (very young!), I had heard about Grace Kelly that her gaze without glasses was particularly intense. What she explained by the fact that finally, she had to squint and stare at people to distinguish their faces. Yes, I remind you that Grace Kelly was very myopic…

I found this anecdote nice, but believe me, not seeing anything is not funny. And personally, without my glasses, people, I don't recognize them!

Still, there are obviously other ways to take care of your look and put it forward.

It should be noted that the eyes and the skin around the eyes are particularly sensitive. You can't put anything in it, and you have to be very careful!
It is not for nothing that we say that we care about something like the apple of our eye.

She has eyes…

We do not hesitate to moisturize this area of ​​the face, which will take care of this very thin skin, but also prevent aging.

The icing on the cake, applying a small circular massage to it will allow better circulation and therefore get rid of dark circles and puffiness!
Kadalys MUSALIGHT smoothing radiance eye contour care is ideal:it contains pink banana extract, with anti-aging and regenerating properties, and activates blood microcirculation. And in addition there are particles of gold, regenerating and illuminating!

Apply it in small dabs by tapping gently.
You can alternate this treatment with that of the Oolution brand, anti-puffiness, anti-wrinkle, smoothing and antioxidant.

Doe, oh my doe!

Burning eyes, a doe look or just a natural glow?
No problem !

We draw the Boho complexion corrector, which in addition to correcting dark circles catches the light. You can apply it with a small clean brush. Put a touch in the inner corner of the eyes.
Apply the organic Green Eye Liner flush with the eyelashes, with more or less thickness according to your desire of the moment.

Tip:Work from the middle of the lid to the outer corner. Then connect this line to the inner corner of the eye.
Want an eyeshadow? You can favor the natural side with the pink or brown flash make-up kits from Couleur Caramel. The different variations make it possible to intensify the look.

Want glitter? Apply the illuminating powder either directly to the eyelid or just below the eyebrow.
Alone or accompanied by the previous products, Elissance natural mascara proposes to "multiply your eyelashes and create a very intense black look"

Last advice:rest, and yes! A tired look, reddened eyes, bloodshot, it's not really what we do best.
And to be honest, it can be painful.

So, we spend beautiful nights, and if it's a little more complicated than it seems, we give ourselves a boost with a "Zen Rest" cure for a restful sleep.

…. Revolver, she has the look that kills...

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