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Ember gaze:how to sublimate your eyes?

Are you tempted to have a smoldering look on a daily basis? We promise, it's a lot easier than you think. The Veld's team reveals all its tips for having the famous "revolver eyes"... and shooting first!

The smoldering gaze:the ultimate weapon of seduction!

It's not a scoop:the eyes play a leading role in games of seduction . True "windows of the soul", they are able to be much more talkative than a mouth... Several scientific studies have even gone further by demonstrating that the emergence of romantic feelings and sexual desire is played out (literally) at the first look.

So many good reasons to take care of your eye contour, even to enhance it, to hit the mark at first glance! A smoldering look or a sparkling look can make all the difference and transform a face . So, shall we get started?

Tired look? Decongest your eyes!

Dark circles, puffiness, purplish hollows… This is the lot of all those who lack sleep and spend most of their day on a screen. Dark discoloration and swelling around the eye area are particularly stubborn. Problem:they take all the freshness out of your eyes. If you have fair skin, they can even make you look sick . In short, not ideal for having a smoldering look!

To brighten a tired look and decongest your eyes, have the “cold” reflex. At night, do not hesitate to put your eye contour care in the fridge to enjoy a formidable ice cube effect when you wake up! And in order to avoid swelling your eyelids, favor light moisturizing textures, not too greasy. The must ? Products that contain pigments to soften dark areas while sheer, like our Eye Magic Highlighter Brush concealer anti-puffiness.

Stock up on anti-aging eye care

Do you know that you blink over 10,000 times a day? Yes, just that. Add to these multiple eyelashes the daily aggressions typical of a modern lifestyle (blue light, air conditioning, etc.). Now, can you guess the impact of all these factors on an area as thin and vulnerable as the eye contour? Bingo:she is aging visibly , with the key, expression wrinkles from the thirties.

After the age of forty, the skin around the eyes is marked with fine lines and slackens at the level of the eyelids and the eyebrow arch. A hard blow for the radiance of your eyes, which gradually loses intensity. To fade the signs of aging already present and regain a glowing look , bet on targeted cosmetics:our Eye Magic Lift Brush will help you free your eyes from muscular tension, while our Eye Magic Anti-Wrinkle Brush, awarded at the Victoires de la Beauté, will correct sagging skin. Essentials to always have on hand!

Enhance your smoldering gaze with your eyebrows

We tend to neglect them… And yet, eyebrows are inseparable from a smoldering look! Drooping or unsuited to the shape of your face, they blur the beauty of your look. Neat and well furnished, they highlight its radiance in the most beautiful way . Think of them as behaving like a jewel case.

To create the perfect eyebrow line , place a pencil against the wing of your nose and align it with the inner corner of your eye:all the hairs that are found on the inner side of the pencil are to be tweezed. Keep the pencil against the wing of the nose and tilt it in front of your pupil, looking straight ahead:this is where you will make the famous circumflex accent. Finally, tilt to the outer corner of the eye to determine the point where your eyebrow should stop.

The right reflexes for a smoldering look makeup

Nothing like a hint of make-up to play on the depth of your look and make it even more bewitching ! Your special smoldering gaze make-up will systematically begin by standardizing the eye contour. Use a fluid and luminous base:this is the essential step to hide all those little signs of fatigue that plague your face.

Choose your eye shadows according to the color of your iris. Blue eyes will be nicely highlighted by orange tones, and green eyes will opt for plum tints. As for brown eyes, they can afford everything, preferably warm colors.

To intensify your gaze , always apply the darkest shadow in a gradient on the outer corner, then finish with a line of black eyeliner on the upper eyelid and a layer of mascara. A touch of light at the inner corner and under the brow bone, and you're ready to make hearts capsize!