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How to perfectly apply your eye contour care?

From the age of 25 years , the eye contour care becomes a daily essential. From a certain age, puffiness, dark circles and fine lines appear on our features. These marks, generally a sign of fatigue or traces of time, are unattractive. To get rid of it and regain a radiant complexion, it is essential to take good care of this area of ​​the face. To do this, the eye contour care ritual should be added to our morning and evening beauty routines. This new lifestyle habit is life-saving for our skin, but you still have to know how to execute it well. Here are our tips and recommendations for perfectly applying your eye contour care :

# Choose the right product

All the cosmetics we use must suit our needs and skin type . It is crucial to choose the right product for our skin before introducing it into our beauty routines. Our skin is constantly changing, so our beauty routine must keep pace. To do this, there are 5 signs at our disposal to guide us when changing our beauty routine.

The eye contour treatment is no exception to the rule. The eye contour area is not only fragile but also very sensitive . The skin is much finer and vulnerable to external aggressions . Hence the need for a specific product, much softer and more hydrating than any other facial treatment. Natural and organic care will be preferred to limit the use of chemicals.

We recommend the pretentious Organic Eye Contour Roll On by the brand Olala! French cosmetics. With these various natural active ingredients associated with hyaluronic acid as well as its roll on format, it will be our best ally for a fresh complexion. The icing on the cake, we can find it in our April organic beauty box named:simply irresistible.

# Clean area

The eye contour treatment should be applied to perfectly cleansed skin . And this, in order to be able to benefit from all the effectiveness of the active ingredients care. Thus, before having recourse to this specific care, it is necessary to remove make-up of the area in question. We remind you that this ritual concerns all skin types, with or without makeup. It is advisable to use a treatment adapted to the type of skin which will remove all impurities . La Complice des Happycuriennes cleansing jelly is perfect for deep cleansing the face.

# Apply the right dose

For the treatment to be effective, you must apply a certain required dose . Neither too much nor too little, the happy medium is recommended for the treatment of this area. Not enough care will prove ineffective to take good care of the eye contour. This lack of hydration contributes to the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles. On the other hand, too much product cannot be correctly assimilated by the epidermis , leaving a greasy film on the way. In the long run, the surplus of products causes the appearance of grains of milia, small rashes that are difficult to remove.

The recommended treatment dose for both contours is equivalent to a grain of rice . This dose seems minimal, however it is perfect for moisturizing the eye area as it should. If the treatment used is a roll on like the pretentious range by Olala! French Cosmetics, one pass per line is enough to deposit the necessary dose .

# Locate application area

For optimal effectiveness, the treatment should be applied to the level of the orbital bone and not on the soft parts below the eye. Many of us make the mistake of depositing the product directly on the eyelashes. However, the correct method is to place and use the treatment on the bony part at the bottom of the eye .

When applying the treatment, we must start from the inner corner of the eye . Then follow the bone with your fingertips, tracing a wide circle until you go up slightly towards the temples and the crow's feet area. For the upper area of ​​the eye, it will be necessary to follow the line, just between the eyebrows and the mobile eyelid . These areas are the preferred targets for effectively applying the eye contour treatment.

# Perform a small massage

The treatment applied correctly, performing a small massage will allow the product and its active ingredients to penetrate the epidermis more easily. We recommend using light tapping , almost tapping, all over the outline of the eye contour. And this, always starting from the inside out to reduce fine lines and stretch the look. This method boosts lymphatic drainage and stimulates microcirculation. This will also decongest the area to get rid of puffiness and dark circles.