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How to naturally protect your hair in summer?

Hair in summer

The summer conditions are also harmful for our hair as harsh winters can be. long exposure to the sun dry out the hair. Other elements attack the scalp in particular during this season:salt, chlorine, sand… All these factors contribute to irritating and drying out the hair mass and the scalp. Tightness, itching, split ends... the damage caused is multiple. However, they can be avoided by taking a few precautions.

Protect yourself from the sun

Both for our skin and our hair, it is essential to limit sun exposure . The various UV rays can become harmful if we are exposed to them too much. The sun is a healthy ally, but in moderation . Dryness and free radicals are the consequences of a prolonged bath of UV rays. Thus, it is advisable to take shelter or slow down outdoor outings during the zenith. Or if we want to enjoy the sun, the usual hats and umbrellas are excellent alternatives. As well as the total screen and the various hair sunscreens .

Protective hair care

Some hair products are designed to protect our hair from the sun's rays while providing them with special care. For this purpose, we recommend for this summer:Elénature Organic Capillary Nutri-Serum. The active ingredients of this organic care abound in essential fatty acids. Enriched with macadamia oil and organic avocado , this organic serum protects and repairs our hair. Restructuring, sublimating with a soft sweet scent, this elixir coats the hair fiber and nourishes it. This action gives this nutri serum thermo-protective properties . As a result, whether it comes from brushing or directly from the sun, our hair will not fear the hot weather. It applies to the entire length of the hair and the ends. The hair shines and regains suppleness and softness.

Ideal shampoo

In addition to hair sunscreen like sprays, oil or serum, a good hair routine is essential . The Argan Rhassoul solid shampoo from La Maison des Sultans is your ideal ally to cleanse your hair while protecting it from external aggressions. While rhassoul purifies, argan oil nourishes, protects and regenerates the hair. Free of cationic surfactants, this natural shampoo gently cleanses the hair and does not irritate the scalp. In addition, its solid format and environmentally friendly makes it convenient . A considerable advantage for composing your care kit for the summer holidays .

Repairing Mask

The Healing Mask Ritual is life-saving for dull and damaged hair . A situation that we owe to external aggressions such as pollution and overexposure . To complete our essential care hair routine , we recommend the hair mask with hemp oil from Mélusine Paris. Hemp oil, aloe vera and keratin make up this treatment rich in repairing active ingredients . One or two hazelnuts on the lengths and the scalp are enough to give a second life to the hair . A small massage during application allows the treatment to penetrate more effectively while stimulating hair regrowth. Antioxidant, nourishing, soothing and protective...this natural mask complete our summer hair routine .

The essential box

To benefit from all these treatments, we can make a personalized box with the essential products. However, the organic dream hair box contains all the essential and complementary care for the season. From shampoo to mask, from serum to sublimating oils, everything is there to pamper and make our hair shine.