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Crochet:how to wear the most trendy material of the summer according to Pinterest?

Long considered obsolete, crochet is more than ever trendy in 2021 . This knitted material with colorful and colorful patterns and which we often associate (wrongly!) with the blankets of our adored grandmothers is however making its big comeback on the fashion scene this year.

In dresses, pants, mini-skirts, sexy tops or trendy cardigans… Find out how to adopt it with these 12 ideas for stylish looks spotted on Pinterest.

Crochet:how to adopt the knitted trend with these 12 hot looks spotted on Pinterest

To wear crochet, fashionistas compete in inventiveness and modernity! Far from the cliché of the piece with grandma influences, this summer crochet is devilishly sexy:in an ultra-hot backless dress, in a top tied around the neck, an unbuttoned cardigan, a crop top or worn over a dress... At the beach or in town, we adopt the crochet trend without being cold-eyed like the stylish girls.