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How to remove makeup effectively?

Removing makeup every night is an art that requires care and gestures adapted to your makeup and your skin type. The goal ? Get rid of makeup, even stubborn, while preserving the skin tissue, which can be very sensitive. How to remove makeup effectively? What product to use? How to gently remove makeup? Here are our tips!

Not removing make-up:is it that serious?

Before bedtime, it sometimes (or often) happens that we are not really motivated to spend 15 minutes removing makeup. But is it so serious not to remove make-up? In fact, makeup is not the only concern. Even if you preach naturalness and only wear concealer, mascara and powder veil, pollution, dust, perspiration and sebum layer on the skin throughout the day.

When you do not remove makeup, the skin “macerates” all night long, suffocated by impurities and makeup – which, moreover, is often either occlusive or aggressive for the skin with allergenic ingredients. Finally, during the night, the skin regenerates , taking advantage of being at rest, and not removing make-up is tantamount to depriving her of this break.

The results are quickly visible:dilated pores, irritation, excess sebum, dry patches, acne…. So many little worries that can be avoided with perfect make-up removal! So how to remove makeup effectively , to be sure to have a clean and fresh skin? Here are our tips.

How to remove makeup?

Removing make-up without cotton for sensitive skin

A question that often arises when removing makeup:can you remove makeup without cotton? Well yes, and for some skin types, it is even recommended. The rubbing of cotton on the skin can irritate sensitive or reactive skin.

There are two options for removing make-up without cotton :with washable wipes, or simply with your fingers. In both cases, the make-up remover must be adapted. For example, removing make-up with micellar water using fingers or wipes may be quite delicate:too liquid, and the wipe absorbs all the product. It is therefore better to prefer a cleansing milk or oil .

Removing make-up with oil to combine softness and effectiveness

Removing make-up with oil is, without a doubt, the big make-up removal trend of recent years. Cleansing oil has many advantages:its fatty substances make it easy to remove makeup , even tenacious. A perfect product for fans of waterproof makeup. But not only ! Cleansing oil is also a gentle makeup remover , which eliminates impurities while respecting the hydrolipidic film. It therefore does not damage the natural barrier of the skin, better, it reinforces it.

If popular belief suggests that cleansing oil is not suitable for oily skin, it is false. Depending on the oil used as a base, oily skin can really work for you with a cleansing oil.

How to remove eye makeup?

Eye make-up removal is a delicate operation. Indeed, it is the part that is often made up the most, but it is also the most sensitive part of the face . The eyelids and eye contour have very thin skin, which is easily damaged. Softness is therefore, again and again, essential.

Soak a cotton pad or a wipe with make-up remover and place it on the closed eye, then wait a few seconds. Then wipe gently outwards, without rubbing and without pressing too hard . Repeat the operation several times if necessary, always with delicacy so as not to tear lashes, and to preserve the skin around the eyes.

Mouth make-up removal

Just like the eyes, make-up removal from the mouth must be done gently. Even if some lipsticks, especially matte lipsticks, can be stubborn, we use the same process as for the eyes:soak the cotton or the wipe, and place gently on the lips. Wait a bit then wipe. If any makeup remains, dab your lips with the wipe or cotton . After removing make-up, rinse your lips well and remember to moisturize them.

Finish removing makeup with a good cleanse

Once the "make-up removal operation" has been completed, cleansing of the skin is essential . It eliminates any make-up residue, but also impurities that are not gone with the make-up remover. After a long day, it is better to cleanse the skin with a cleanser that rinses off, such as gel, cream, or foam. Avoid soap-based cleansers which dry out the skin too much. If you don't know which product to choose, go to our guide:which face cleanser should I choose for my skin?