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Avocado oil, this precious fruit for beauty

Do you know avocado oil? I'm sure you know the fruit itself. This fruit certainly fat but very good for health. But did you know that you can extract an oil from this fruit? An oil with multiple virtues, both for your skin and for your hair. Obtained from the pulp of the fruit, avocado oil is full of multiple benefits. And yes, in addition to having many nutritional benefits, this product with regenerative properties is found in many beauty products such as Cassidaine's Organic Cleansing Milk.

Besides, avocado oil is certainly one of the most interesting vegetable oils for the beauty of skin and hair. It owes its properties to its composition rich in nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins.


Avocado oil is a vegetable oil extremely rich in essential fatty acids, which nourish skin cells. As a result, it is the moisturizer par excellence, because it offers softness, elasticity and radiance to the skin, which also makes it a wonderful anti-aging treatment.

But the latter can also be used as an eye contour treatment, for this you just need to massage the lower eyelids with avocado oil.

In addition, avocado oil can also heal so-called "problem" skin.

If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dermatosis and rosacea, all you need to do is put a little avocado oil on the affected areas. Its soothing properties will soften your skin while moisturizing it and bring healing benefits,

A little more significant, it is suitable for all skin types and more particularly for very dry skin, you just need to remove your makeup every day with it and your skin will be much better nourished and if you are afraid to use avocado oil directly you can very well put a drop of this famous nectar in your day or night cream.

However, do not worry, no greasy or shiny film will appear when applying this oil because it is one of the vegetable oils that is most quickly absorbed by the skin. In addition, it is suitable for all skin types and can be used for the face as well as for the body.


If avocado oil is beneficial for the health and beauty of the skin, it is the same for the hair. Indeed, as you read a little above, avocado oil is rich in moisturizing agents, proteins and vitamins. As a result, it quickly penetrates the hair, and diffuses its multiple benefits in depth.

Ideal for dry hair as it restores shine and softness.

Avocado oil activates the production of new cells and therefore promotes growth. It also leaves a film around the hair fiber to protect it from external aggressions such as pollution or the heat of the hair dryer, and even UV rays!

If you have a dry scalp and dandruff: Before sleeping and once a week, massage your scalp with a dab of oil and leave on overnight. The next morning, shampoo.

In a few weeks, your dandruff problems will be gone!

If you have dry or damaged hair: Sometimes with repeated brushings, too aggressive coloring the hair becomes very dry or even brittle. It is therefore important to feed and care for them properly. For this make an oil bath to your hair, be careful an oil bath does not mean soaking it in oil, it is enough to take the equivalent of 3 or 4 "handfuls" of oil and deposit them roots to tips. Then wrap them in a towel and let them sit overnight.

But before finishing, I have one last secret to reveal to you:avocado oil also has the virtue of treating burns, in fact it promotes healing and reduces inflammation. Perfect for holidays ^^


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