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Natural tips to effectively fight against perspiration

Some natural solutions to fight against bad odors. The beautiful days arrive and it is at this precise moment that our favorite deodorant is put to the test. We often talk about it; conventional deodorants are to be avoided, so harmful to your health and the environment.

Fortunately, natural solutions are still there, and much more effective (believe in my experience). It only takes a few ingredients that we often have on hand to make a very effective deodorant.

Baking soda:best natural deodorant

Much like covering babies' bottoms with talc, you can coat your armpits with cosmetic baking soda.

It will then be a question of massaging them carefully and then wiping them well after application, so as to prevent irritation.

Avoid at all costs applying baking soda to armpits weakened by shaving, at the risk of suffering from itching!

Alum stone

Replacing your deodorant stick or bomb with a small stone in your purse shouldn't bother you much.

This is not the solution I prefer but a lot of users are delighted with it.

Completely natural, alum stone contains potassium sulphate which neutralizes perspiration odours.

Effective essential oils

To each evil its essential oil. So be sure that some of them have the power to act against the inconvenience of perspiration.

Palmarosa essential oil, with its pleasant rose scent, is renowned for its deodorizing action.

Of course, it does not prevent the necessary phenomenon of perspiration which allows toxins to be evacuated from the body, but neutralizes the bacteria which are the cause of bad odors.

One drop on the armpits in the morning and you will be peaceful for the day!

Commercial solutions

The choice is vast now. With or without bicarbonate, or essential oils, there is something for everyone.

In the April box of Belle au Naturel, a natural deodorant from the Biosme Paris brand is given pride of place. With its formula enriched with protective and moisturizing bamboo hydrosol, Blanc de Coton care deodorant with probiotic active ingredients is your best freshness ally. It durably prevents the formation of perspiration odors thanks to its probiotic active ingredients while protecting your skin.

Formulated without essential oils, it is suitable for pregnant women.

And you, what are your anti-odor solutions?

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