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10 beauty benefits of coconut oil

Maybe you already use coconut oil in the kitchen, but did you know that you can also replace some of your beauty products for this miracle oil? Coconut oil has many benefits for our beauty regime. It works great for the skin, hair, nails and also the teeth. Here we list 10 beauty benefits.

1) Moisturizer
Coconut oil is very easy to use as a moisturizing cream. It works great and doesn't feel greasy as often thought.

2) Hair mask
Applying coconut oil to your hair ensures frizz-free, shiny beautiful hair.

3) Lip Balm Coconut oil also works well on your lips. Dry lips are a thing of the past with a lick of coconut oil.

4) Make-up remover
With coconut oil you can quickly and effectively remove make-up from your eyes and face.

5) Whiten teeth
Coconut oil can be used as a natural mouthwash, and after about 5 days you will get whiter teeth. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and gargle for 10 to 20 minutes.

6) Body Scrub
Yes, coconut oil can also be used as a body scrub.

7) Booster for the eyelashes Before going to sleep, apply a few drops of coconut oil to your lashes. This ensures thick and long lashes in just a week.

8) Booster for the eyebrows
Apply a few drops to your eyebrows to make them thicker.

9) Shaving cream
Shaving cream is an expensive cocktail of chemicals that you shouldn't use. Coconut oil, on the other hand, is cheap, natural and smells good. Plus, your legs stay nicely hydrated.

10) Hair oil
Coconut oil is ideal as a hair oil. Only put it on your hair at night and wash it out the next morning. This also prevents hair loss.