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Perspiration, this natural phenomenon

Sweating is a natural phenomenon, linked to the autonomic nervous system, which cools the body. The emotional factor therefore plays a key role. Thus, someone hypersensitive will tend to sweat more. So you have to learn to manage your emotions.

Before choosing your deodorant, you must start by checking its components. We often think of aluminum salts and their impact on health. Making the right choice is not easy. Let's start with the difference between a deodorant andan antiperspirant.

Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts to tighten the pores of the skin and partially block perspiration. They thus prevent the formation of sweat odors. Deodorants do not contain aluminum salts. Because their only function is to mask odors.

Several controversies exist on aluminum salt. If in doubt, it is better to skip it. They are usually referred to as "aluminum chlorohydrate" , or sometimes "aluminum zirconium pentachlorohydrate" .

endocrine disruptors are more problematic:they are strongly suspected of having many adverse effects on our health. It is therefore better to avoid products containing propylparaben and cyclopentasiloxane.

Alum stone consists of potassium sulphate. There is a synthetic version made of aluminum ammonium sulphate. Whether synthetic or natural, it always contains aluminum salts.

Deodorants are available in spray, roll-on, cream or stick. Avoid sprays that contain very easily flammable substances. But above all, you are inhaling a cocktail of harmful substances coming from the product itself but also from propellant gases .

The roll-on looks more aesthetic and light. It instantly penetrates the skin. The Stick there is no risk of it leaving a mark on your shirt and the cream guarantees a very pleasant application and a feeling of lightness. It is essential to see it, feel it a little and try it before buying it so as not to regret.

People who perspire little and whose sweat does not smell too strong can calmly decide on a deodorant. This will only allow them to eliminate unpleasant odors, since their perspiration is not excessive.

On the other hand, people who sweat a lot should use an antiperspirant. Thus their perspiration will be less abundant and this will prevent them from releasing bad odors. Or a deodorant that also has an antiperspirant action.

Favor the wearing of loose clothing and materials such as cotton which promotes the evaporation of sweat and drinking. Cooling off will replace perspiration, the role of which is thermoregulation.

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