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Discover the benefits of light for your skin

If there is one natural element that enhances your beauty on a daily basis, it is light. In natural exposure, light therapy or phototherapy, light conceals many beauty secrets. Today, it is revolutionizing skincare to treat imperfections, erase the signs of aging, and regain radiant skin. How to use light in your beauty routine? What are the best practices ? The pitfalls to avoid? Veld's tells you everything!

How does light affect our body?

To talk about the action of light on our skin, we still need to know what we are talking about. While we tend to talk about light as if there is only one, there are actually many types of light. For example, natural light, that of the sun, consists of ultraviolet (UV) light and infrared light . Ultraviolet light itself comprises three types of UV:

  • UVC, which is blocked by the earth's atmosphere, and therefore never comes into contact with the skin. Fortunately, moreover, because the shorter the wavelength of UV rays, the more they can represent a risk to health. UVC has the shortest wavelength, with 190 to 290 nm. Their intensity would therefore cause a severe molecular alteration in humans.
  • UVA which can cause premature skin aging. With a wavelength of 320 to 400nm, 98% of the UV that reaches the Earth is UVA. UVA rays have a great power to penetrate the skin, 20 to 30% of UVA rays reach the middle dermis. When these penetrate the skin, they stimulate the production of free radicals, which contribute greatly to the aging of the skin. Repeated exposure to UVA will tend to thin the epidermis, causing wrinkles and pigment spots to appear.
  • UVB rays which allow the skin to tan, but also to produce vitamin D necessary for the proper functioning of the body. They represent only 2% of the UV rays reaching the Earth, with a wavelength of 290 to 320 nm. Exposure to UVB must be limited because it is the cause of sunburn, but also of cases of skin cancer. Indeed, with their high energy power, UVB rays can cause DNA damage, following cellular disorders.

Light is essential for our body

As you will have understood, light is crucial in our lives, especially for the production of vitamin D. A mission that is not to be taken lightly since vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of the human body . It stimulates the production of calcium and phosphorus, which ensures strong bones and teeth. It also provides energy to the body, a deficiency would cause great fatigue.

Several studies conducted from the 80s to the present day also show that sunlight is essential for regulating the internal clock, and keeping morale high. Italso serves as a natural stimulant to the human brain, to ensure alertness and concentration . In some cases, sunlight can also be a very good treatment for certain skin diseases, but under very specific conditions, under the supervision of a doctor.

What are the benefits of light on our skin?

In recent years, light therapy and phototherapy have revolutionized skin care. Each with its specificities, they can meet targeted needs.

Light therapy, or how to take advantage of natural light

Light therapy involves exposing yourself to light using a light therapy lamp. This contains several UV filters, which reduce the dangers for your skin compared to exposure to the sun. Light therapy can treat several ailments, depending on the intensity and duration of exposure. A practical and relatively inexpensive solution, since all you have to do is invest in a lamp (pay attention to the quality all the same).

Combined with products for problem skin, light therapy helps fight acne . The light helps reduce inflammation, kill certain bacteria that cause acne, and reduce the amount of sebum. A very effective skin care for problem skin.

If you have stretch marks, light therapy is also very appropriate. It reduces stretch marks, brightens them, to regain smooth and unified skin . Of course, it takes a number of sessions and perseverance, but when the treatment is combined with stretch mark creams, the results are impressive.

Phototherapy, a revolution in skincare

If before, studies only looked at natural light, we now know that there are other types of light that we can produce artificially.

The red light , for example, causes a stimulation that leads to the production of elastin fibers and collagen more important, which makes it possible to tone the skin . It tightens, is less prone to relaxation. During this stimulation, the muscles of the skin, which contract naturally over time, relax. Expression wrinkles are then largely reduced . Phototherapy, combined with anti-aging treatments, guarantees you to find a new youth!

Red light can be associated with blue light, known for its bactericidal properties. This combination is particularly indicated against rosacea, psoriasis, or even against acne. Yellow light is just as interesting for its anti-inflammatory and anti-redness effects. It can be ideal in case of stretch marks, or on certain scars.

Phototherapy equipment is now on sale to individuals, be vigilant and follow the conditions of use to the letter. If in doubt, prefer sessions in a specialized practice.

Light, friend or enemy of your skin?

To integrate light into your beauty routine, you must use it sparingly and follow a few precautions. If you expose yourself to sunlight, be careful not to expose yourself too long, too often . Protect yourself from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays with a sunscreen adapted to your skin type.

Phototherapy, on the other hand, has some contraindications:it should be avoided for people suffering from epilepsy, insofar as the light can be pulsed. Risks of photoallergic reaction or skin cancer have also been observed, although they remain rare. Of course, phototherapy is to be avoided if you are undergoing treatment with photosensitive substances, just like light therapy.

If the eyes are protected during phototherapy sessions, this is not the case during light therapy sessions, because the light is less aggressive and is not dangerous for the retina. However, light therapy is not recommended for people suffering from ophthalmic pathologies or with predispositions (cataract, glaucoma, chronic conjunctivitis).

Highlighting your skin, the right gestures, the right care

The beauty benefits of light are therefore no longer to be proven. Inspired by these virtues, VELD'S has designed cosmetics that take advantage of natural light to enhance your skin. By choosing the UVAXINE biotechnological active ingredient at the heart of the Flash Protect formula, this makeup complexion veil with a "Daily Defense" action makes the skin stronger and more resistant to benefit only from the best of natural light , without the deleterious effects.

Flash Protect uses light to your advantage, activating your own natural defense mechanisms. Its formula limits the phenomena of oxidation and prevents the premature aging of skin cells while also allowing a good synthesis of vitamin D. Daylight becomes your friend and your skin preserves its youth, its natural radiance and your complexion is perfectly unified in everyday life.

Another treatment, another gesture, Pure Pulp Glow also takes advantage of light. Use as a make-up base or moisturizer in the morning. This dull and tired complexion S.O.S treatment reactivates the energy, light and color of your skin. Indeed, it will stimulate cellular energy thanks to its hydrating, revitalizing and antioxidant effects . Its unique formula also optimizes light reflection:it illuminates the face, evens out the complexion, smoothes wrinkles and imperfections. Your skin glows, for a guaranteed healthy glow!