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Beauty, sport and food:the winning trio!

Dull complexion, excess pounds, hair without splinters... so many little things that we would leave behind with winter coming to an end! To get back in shape for sunny days, we rely on simple beauty tips, a healthier diet, and physical activity that is as fun as it is invigorating. Here are Veld's tips for looking your best in spring.

Beauty, or the art of taking care of yourself

If beauty is completely subjective, it is above all a set of actions and small rituals that do us good. Allow yourself moments of well-being and take care of your appearance:this is an effective way to have self-confidence! However, beauty is not only in cosmetics, clothes, or makeup, it is everything.

Let it be said, beauty is linked to our general state of health :our level of stress, fatigue, our diet, the use of appropriate care. A healthy lifestyle is ultimately a beauty essential, just like a moisturizer or concealer! A regular sleep cycle, good hydration, a balanced diet and physical activity are your allies for daily radiance.

A beauty routine adapted to your skin and your lifestyle

First of all, it is worth going back to a few essential beauty principles. To take care of your complexion, it is essential to use a make-up remover, a cleanser and a moisturizer adapted to your skin type. Depending on your type, choose a skincare range for dry, normal, combination or oily skin. For mature skin, the choice of an anti-aging range is essential to chase away established wrinkles.

To take full advantage of your cosmetic care, cleanse and moisturize your face every morning . In the evening, take the time to completely remove make-up, before cleansing and moisturizing your skin again. Once or twice a week, an exfoliating treatment will allow you to prevent imperfections and eliminate dead skin. On the make-up side, the same principle:only choose make-up adapted to your skin type.

Finally, remember that an effective beauty routine is a doable beauty routine! Choose treatments adapted to your lifestyle :a tinted cream to save time in the morning, a mask to leave on for 5 minutes instead of 15, or on the contrary, longer treatments for those who like to save time for daily care! Taking care of yourself should remain a pleasure , and above all should not become a chore.

Sport, an unparalleled beauty and well-being asset

It is often underestimated, but sport is an unparalleled beauty asset . First of all, on the psychological level:by playing sports, you learn to know your body better, to master it, to sculpt it. It's a great way to feel good in your sneakers! It may seem superfluous, but when you are confident and self-assured, charisma and brilliance follow.

In addition, many studies have shown that sport can reduce stress , and to approach their daily life more serenely. Who says stress says premature skin aging, so casually, sport ultimately helps to beautify our skin! During physical exertion, blood flow increases, which will activate cell oxygenation, to restore a youthful and invigorated appearance to the skin .

In addition, during a sports session, you sweat, which allows you to evacuate the toxins responsible for a dull complexion and blemishes. Ideally, practice sport without makeup so as not to clog pores, and cleanse your face well after each session. Healthy glow effect guaranteed!

Of course, sport is also a superb beauty ally for sculpting your body :a toned, muscular, dynamic look that suits you. It is also an opportunity to eliminate the small excesses of winter, to find a dream silhouette for the summer.

Food:what good practices to preserve its beauty?

We sometimes tend to forget it, but food has a large impact on our physical appearance:on the body, on the hair and on the skin. A diet that is too fatty and too rich will cause oily skin, blemishes, a dull complexion, and greasy hair . Deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, or iron can also affect the radiance of the complexion, the appearance of dark circles or bags under the eyes. Thus, to have beautiful hair and beautiful skin, but also to prevent the appearance of cellulite, it is essential to adopt a balanced diet.

Vegetables and fruits should be included every day. The riper and more colorful they are, the more beta-carotene they contain, ideal for a healthy glow and in preparation for tanning on sunny days. Fruit and vegetable intake should be supplemented with small portions of starch, meat or fish. And yes, one serving of meat or fish every other day is enough to meet our protein needs. Be careful, the iron intake is also important, since it contributes to obtaining a fresh complexion and healthy hair.

Limit cheeses and dairy products in general, which are often very high in fat. Obviously, fast sugars are also to be limited:too much sugar quickly causes the appearance of pimples and blackheads. You can replace sweets with dried fruits, oilseeds, or even dark chocolate with more than 70% cocoa. Oilseeds are very interesting from an anti-aging perspective, because they are full of vitamin E .

Finally, it is impossible to talk about food without addressing the issue of hydration. In winter as in summer, the body needs water to guarantee its proper functioning. Skin and hair can also quickly become dry if you are not hydrated enough. The fragile areas such as the eye contour or the lips are particularly sensitive to hydration . Drink 1.5 liters of water a day, and limit the consumption of very sugary drinks, which can cause dehydration very quickly.