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Exfoliation and tanning:the powerful duo

When we think of tanning, we think of sunscreen, moisturizer, monoi, after-sun cream… And we often forget the essential part of our summer toiletry bag:exfoliation! Yes, exfoliation has many tricks up its sleeve to enhance your tan. A pretty tanned, uniform and long-lasting complexion is yours. So how to use it this summer? Veld's tells you all about exfoliation and tanning.

Why use scrub to tan?

Exfoliation to be receptive to UV rays

Facing the sun, we are not equal. When some tan from the first exposure, others are just beginning to have a slightly tanned complexion with the arrival of autumn. To have a tanned complexion quickly, nothing like a good exfoliation . To do what ? To remove dead cells of course!

Indeed, the cells of the skin tissue live their lives, then die and rise to the surface of the skin. They go away on their own, however, they may take some time, depending on your skin's natural rhythm. And when the skin is in the renewal phase, we have a duller complexion, and above all, we are much less receptive to the sun's rays . Opt for a good scrub, to free your skin and fully absorb the sun's rays.

Good to know:sunscreen will not prevent you from tanning and it is absolutely essential to protect your skin from the effects of the sun, and in particular, sunburn. Don't miss it!

Scrub for an even tan

Certain areas of the face and body have longer cell renewal . This is what often explains the variations in your tan. We then end up with a part of the arm less tanned than the rest, or the lower back more tanned than the top. If these small variations remain slight, they give an overall rendering that is less homogeneous, less smooth. And it's a shame when you have a scrub handy!

Exfoliating the whole body, as well as the face, is the guarantee of enjoying an even tan , without areas more marked than the others.

The right thing for a great tan until winter

As we have seen, exfoliation can boost cell renewal. It allows to have a skin that is always smooth and uniform, but above all, to make the tan last for long weeks.

A regular exfoliation when you return from vacation will remove dead cells – those whose tan is starting to fade – to reveal brand new cells. Your skin will immediately be brighter and more tanned. To make this beautifully tanned complexion last, remember to hydrate your skin after exfoliating , in order to nourish these cells and that they remain dapper for a long time!

Exfoliation and tanning:how to make them your allies this summer?

Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week

To take full advantage of the benefits of exfoliation , this must become a regular gesture. Ideally, exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. To find the right rhythm, observe your skin:it should not be red after exfoliation, should not sting, burn or start to feel tight. Adapt the exfoliation rhythm so that your skin always remains comfortable .

No exfoliation just before exposure

Making the skin receptive to the sun's rays is good, making it completely vulnerable is a disaster! Never expose yourself immediately after a face or body exfoliation. You need to give your skin time to regenerate and rebuild its hydrolipidic film , which protects it from sunburn (alongside a good sunscreen). Our advice:exfoliate your skin the day before the exhibition.

Moisturize after each exfoliation

As we have seen, exfoliation can weaken the skin a little. The whole point of exfoliation is to eliminate dead cells and toxins, but care must be taken to preserve the health capital of your skin. To do this, after each exfoliation, let the skin rest :no sun, no makeup. Just apply a moisturizing cream, even nourishing if your skin is dry, and let the fabric regain its strength gently.

Which scrub to choose for a beautiful tan?

Exfoliation and tanning go hand in hand, provided you adopt an exfoliation that matches your skin type. Indeed, some scrubs are more aggressive than others and may not be suitable for everyone. Conversely, others will be too gentle to properly exfoliate more resistant skin.

If you have combination to oily skin , favor so-called “mechanical” scrubs. These are the scrubs containing grains, which will dislodge impurities in the skin tissue. You can also find them enriched with mattifying active ingredients, to regulate sebum production.

If you have dry or reactive skin , opt for a chemical scrub. These are scrubs based on plant or fruit enzymes. They are much softer and protect the skin from friction. You can find them enriched with nourishing active ingredients, or with anti-aging active ingredients. To each their own scrub!