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Cosmetics:organic remains trendy in 2020

Since the benefits of nature on our health have been observed, organic has invaded many sectors, from food to cosmetics. Conscious that products formulated with natural and “clean” ingredients are better for their health, consumers increasingly favor organic products. France happens to be the second European market for organic cosmetics with a turnover of 757 million euros in 2018. Even if sales do not yet exceed those of the conventional cosmetics market in the country, there is admit that the sales made at the level of the latter are already dropping considerably.

Consumers are more careful about the components of their hygiene and cosmetic products, and with sales growth increasing by 5% each year, by 2023, the turnover of organic cosmetics will reach 5 billion. Focus on the flagship products of organic cosmetics for this year 2020.

Increasingly varied consumer profiles since 2018

Organic is a sector that is attracting more and more interest from consumers, particularly French women. In 2018, the results of an IFOP survey showed that 58% of French women had already purchased an organic cosmetic product, which is twice the number of consumers 10 years ago . If, before, organic cosmetics attracted more women executives and city dwellers concerned about sustainable development, it has become considerably popular over the last decade. This is partly due to revelations about certain ingredients such as paraben and endocrine disruptors and their disastrous effects on health.

Result:the niche market has therefore expanded considerably, thus pushing the main brands in the conventional industry to develop more and more organic ranges.

Organic cosmetics:trendy products in 2020

Organic cosmetics in 2020 want to be natural, clean, and more ecological. Organic supporters turn to specialized sellers to be sure to benefit from genuine organic products such as natural cosmetics from the Patyka range, for example, whose brand is certified organic, cruelty-free and offers exclusively organic products. To be beautiful with organic in 2020, here are some key products to have in your vanity:

Natural makeup remover

Make-up remover is the must-have product for anyone who wears make-up. It removes all product residues on the face and deeply cleanses the skin. And the organic alternative to all these make-up removers stuffed with synthetic products is none other than vegetable oil . Use natural makeup remover composed primarily of oil or a mixture of several oils to effectively dissolve your makeup while nourishing and soothing the skin of your face.

Face serum

The trend today is glowy makeup that Asian girlfriends, especially Koreans and Japanese, have elevated to the rank of art. To achieve a luminous complexion and healthy-looking skin, nothing beats a good face serum. Prefer those with vegetable hyaluronic acid and rich in antioxidants because they protect the skin from pollution while boosting cell renewal. These components also help repair damage caused to the skin by stress:blackheads, fine lines, dark circles, etc.

A solid shampoo

Solid shampoo is a must-have for anyone who wants an ecological, natural and clean product. Often formulated with a vegetable foaming agent, an oil or a cocktail of vegetable oils or clay, this product is ideal for deep cleaning the hair fiber without attacking it. The fact that it is not packaged allows you to reduce your waste, and its solid form makes it last longer than a liquid shampoo . Moreover, a solid shampoo would be equivalent to 3 bottles of classic shampoo. The combo without synthetic products, without packaging and durable makes this product essential to do good, protect the environment ... and please your wallet!

A moisturizing milk

To take care of your skin gently while avoiding harmful ingredients, opt for a moisturizing milk formulated with plant components such as Aloe Vera gel or vegetable butter (shea, mango, avocado, etc.). Plants are our best allies to provide the care our skin needs, and in particular the daily hydration it needs. Some, like Aloe, also ensure the healing and repair of fragile and sensitive skin.

A solid deodorant

The solid deodorant is part of the line of zero waste and slow cosmetic products . Indeed, it comes in the form of a bar or a solid block to rub on damp skin, and lasts 3 times longer than a classic stick or spray deodorant. Thanks to a 100% natural composition (often based on vegetable butter, clay, baking soda, vitamin E and zinc oxide), it is more respectful of the epidermis and blocks the smell of sweat. Note that there is no need for your deodorant to also be antiperspirant, since the body NEEDS to sweat. The best we can do is block the smell with the delicate scent of a good solid deodorant!

Organic but not only…

Although the price of organic cosmetics is still a barrier to their purchase, followers are increasing day by day. And it is the same for their requirements which tend to become clearer since the organic mention is no longer enough. Consumers also want “cruelty free” products, that is to say not tested on animals, respectful of the environment with as little packaging as possible and recyclable packaging. There is also demand for vegan or gluten-free products to meet the specific lifestyle needs of certain customers.

Finally, the composition of the products will be scrutinized, and no non “clean” ingredient (such as paraben, sulphate, silicone and SLS for example) will be tolerated.

Overall, these requirements are in line with our current concern to protect the environment, preserve the ecology and reduce waste.