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Why prefer organic products?

Conventional food and cosmetics scandals have become commonplace:animal abuse, pesticides and compounds toxic to the body, misleading greenwashing marketing, the presence of hydrocarbons in basic food products, the list goes on … Fortunately, it is possible to choose your products wisely thanks to labels and organizations such as Noteo and in this article, we will explain the different advantages of organic consumption.

Why prefer products


Organic is better for your health

Impossible to talk about organic without mentioning

its health benefits. For the

consumer, the interest is twofold:

  • Our body will draw the nutrients it needs from our food and at the same time ingest the pesticides and heavy metals present in these products, which ultimately constitutes a risk of developing diseases. Remember the story of this Swedish family who had greatly reduced the presence of chemicals in their body by eating organic. This is the perfect example illustrating the benefits of a healthy diet.
  • As for cosmetics, who has never found a bottle of shampoo featuring an organic ingredient in supermarkets? This common practice called greenwashing consists of misleading the consumer with a lot of advertising reinforcement. It is obvious that only the ingredient is organic, the rest of the composition still includes as many chemicals.

Animals, respect and prohibitions

The organic sectors are more attentive to animal well-being. This translates into more respectful and less stressful reception and preservation conditions, the possibility of going outside as soon as possible, organic food, as well as a ban on hormonal treatments.

On the other hand, since March 11, 2013, animal testing is prohibited for the development of cosmetics. What was already a principle of organic is finally generalized. On the other hand, some products still contain ingredients of animal origin, which is not the case with organic cosmetics.

Protected environment and efficiency

The last point concerns production. Not only is it less intensive, healthier and more respectful of the natural cycle, but the product transformation processes are completely different. Indeed, we seek to limit interventions in the development of the finished product or at least to ensure that they are as green as possible. An organic product that has undergone little transformation will have a higher content of active ingredients.