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Organic Acerola:the Vitamin C concentrate

The month of February is particularly difficult this year, between the temperature differences overnight, which vary between snowy weather at -2 or even frost at -10, and almost spring-like weather, sunny, with more of 10 degrees. Our health must therefore be strengthened to the maximum in order to resist these climatic changes, and nothing like antioxidant products to fight against the misdeeds of the season.

Organic Acerola, concentrated

Vitamin C!

One of the most effective antioxidants is Organic Acerola, a concentrate of vitamin C and anthocyanin (a naturally antioxidant substance) ideal against fatigue, overwork and stress.

Organic Acerola has multiple medicinal properties ideal for this season:

- acts on all types of fatigue (general, physical, nervous...);

- promotes recovery after sporting activity;

- improves the quality of sleep, acts on memory and concentration;

- acts on loss of motivation and depression;

- fights fever, headaches and more generally seasonal illnesses;

- participates in the prevention of cancers and cardiovascular diseases;

- promotes blood circulation and good vision, fighting visual fatigue

- acts on dizziness and anemia;

- promotes the proper development of bones and teeth (prevention of dental caries);

- improves iron assimilation thanks to its vitamin C content;

- regulates the abundance and pain of menstruation;

- promotes wound healing;

- contributes to good intestinal function:acts on constipation and diarrhea, as well as on food-related headaches, or on food poisoning;

- regulates blood sugar and blood sugar levels, diabetes, cholesterol;

- acts on kidney disorders, bladder infection, and kidney stones.

In short, the medicinal properties of ORGANIC Acerola are very high in number, we can only recommend a preventive cure of one ORGANIC Acerola Tablet per day during the month of February!

Complete your cure with some Cranberry BIO, ideal mainly against urinary infections, it can also act on gastrointestinal problems, and participate in dental health just like Acerola; in addition it can also act on cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and memory problems (in particular Alzheimer's disease).

Note that in the Belle au Naturel organic box of February 2016 , we find both Acerola and Cranberries coated with chocolate, a very tasty way to take care of yourself. Thus, this box combines both health and gluttony, we can only join!

Madeline REGNIER