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What should I do for my sensitive skin?

Tingling, redness, tightness, an almost permanent feeling of discomfort…. are all inconveniences caused by skin hypersensitivity. If you suffer from it today, do not think that you will have to bear the same suffering all your life! It is possible for you to reduce your skin’s intolerance against external aggressions thanks to a few gestures.

Sensitive skin, what is it?

You should first know that hypersensitivity skin does not only affect dry skin. Even, people with oily skin or mixed can also suffer. However, it cannot be denied that fair and thin skin is the most prone to this excessive sensitivity. Sensitive skin is difficult to recognize since it shows no apparent signs. However, the pain is very real when attacked. This type of skin is abnormally intolerant to many things. All it takes is a cold snap , of sun , a temperature change , exposure to polluting agents or stress , so that it warms up , itch , blushes or pull . Sensitive skin cannot tolerate any product that is not intended for it. The suffering is permanent that we sometimes want to isolate ourselves from the world!

Things to avoid if you have sensitive skin

Are you really tired of the ordeal you lead with the hypersensitivity of your skin? Dare to change some habits. Water very often causes an unbearable reaction on sensitive skin . If this is the case with your skin, consider cleansing without water. If you have intolerant skin , you should also avoid using any product and change your skincare regularly. You will find quality organic products to test in our vegan beauty box each month. Exfoliations that are too energetic are also to be banned from your habits. If there are pimples on the face, do not use a cream belonging to your mother whose skin is completely healthy. You need a special anti-acne product for sensitive skin like Organic Raspberry Oil from MAKE IT BEAUTY to soothe skin lesions. Other products such as essential oils , and the perfume may also intensify skin hypersensitivity . You should also avoid alcohol , the worst enemy of fragile skin like yours.

New habits to adopt

It is not because your skin does not tolerate any product that you will neglect it. On the contrary, this type of skin deserves to be pampered more than the others. The pain does not go away without treatment. To mitigate it, you will have to choose an adequate treatment . Unfortunately, chemical peels and microbeads are not for you! What you need is a moisturizing cleanser and surgras . To soothe sensitivity, prefer a lotion adapted to your skin such as the neroli tonic lotion from the BALM BALM brand. You can also take advantage of the benefits of thermal water if your skin tolerates water. Otherwise, a cleansing milk such as the repairing and regenerating cleansing cream of BALANCE ME or micellar water will do well for this we have the blueberry floral water micellar jelly from PATYKA. When you buy a cream, check the composition of the product and choose the one adapted to your skin type, but enriched with thermal water. The mask used must be as soft as possible, we have the softening and moisturizing mask from GAINA for hydrated skin. So, if you have oily skin, menthol and green clay masks should be avoided.