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What is collagen?

Impossible to talk about anti-aging skincare without mentioning collagen. It plays a major role in the firmness of the skin. But what is collagen and what do we really know about it? Veld's tells you why it's so important for your skin.


Collagen is neither more nor less than a protein. To be more precise, it is even a so-called “fibrous” protein , that is to say that it is in the form of filaments. It is produced naturally by the body in the dermis , the tissue just below the epidermis.

The cells responsible for making it are called fibroblasts . In addition to collagen, they also produce another protein:elastin , which allows the skin to be supple and stretchable. Despite everything, collagen is the majority in the dermis:it is estimated that it is three times more present than its little sister, elastin. That is to say if it is important...

What are the benefits of collagen?

But what can collagen do for us? You should know that this protein is present absolutely everywhere in your body :your skin, of course, but also your bones, your muscles, your blood vessels or your tendons. His role ? Make our fabrics resistant.

On the skin side, the networks of collagen fibers can be considered as a real framework:they are the ones that structure the entire dermis and support the epidermis. In other words, it is to this dear collagen that the skin owes its firmness !

What is the role of collagen in skin aging?

Everything would be fine if we stopped there. But there is a catch:collagen production decreases with age . After the 20-year mark, your body creates about 1% less collagen every year. And at this rate, you have already lost half of your collagen at 50…

Obviously, this loss is not without visible consequences . Let's take the image of the frame again:imagine that you gradually remove half of the beams that make it up. What's going on ? The roof is sagging.

It is exactly the same mechanism for your skin. Take away her collagen, and she will gradually relax. This is how expression lines and other signs of skin aging appear.

Where to find collagen?

In food

Although this decrease in collagen production is irreversible, it is still possible to prevent the damage . And as so often, beauty starts from within. Certain foods are particularly interesting to consume to replenish your collagen. And it's also an opportunity to treat yourself to good food!

Meats, especially cartilages , are natural reserves of collagen. Although it seems unsavory at first glance, bone broth, for example, has precious beauty assets. Also give pride of place to fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C (pepper, citrus, guava), known to stimulate collagen synthesis.

In anti-aging cosmetics

Cosmetics are obviously allies of choice in the fight against skin aging. The primary purpose of anti-aging skincare is very often to support the reconstitution of the hydrolipidic film, which is essential for maintaining an optimal level of hydration. But there are also more advanced treatments that help fill in wrinkles by boosting protein synthesis .

This is particularly the case with our Lift Intense Age Killer cream:thanks to its combined action on elastin and collagen, it restores the tone and firmness of the face. And to increase its effectiveness, it is combined with the Age Killer lifting face serum.