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Blue light:what effects on the skin?

We hear everything said about blue light:it would be dangerous for the body, for our eyes, for our skin. But what is it really? What are the effects of blue light on our skin? How does it work and how do you protect yourself from it? Zoom in on blue light.

What is blue light?

Blue light, which also bears the sweet name of High Energy Light, is naturally present in the light spectrum that surrounds us. It constitutes 7 to 10% of solar radiation, but is also present in the light of white LEDs, and in the light projected by our screens (telephone, tablet, television, etc.).

Before going further, know that there are two types of blue light :

  1. Turquoise blue light:beneficial to our body, it regulates our biological rhythm, soothes stress and promotes good mood.
  2. Blue-violet light:this is harmful and has deleterious effects on the sleep cycle, on the eyes and on the skin.

When we talk about the "dangers" of blue light, we therefore refer to violet blue light . If the “dose” to which we are naturally exposed, through the sun, is not “so” dangerous, it is the integration of LEDs and screens in our daily lives that poses a problem. Strong exposure to blue light, prolonged and daily, can have impacts on health, and on our skin.

Is blue light dangerous?

Blue light is a very concentrated light, which is also why it is called high energy light. With prolonged and repeated exposure, it is suspected of having several harmful effects:

  • The blue-violet light would disturb the sleep cycle . The reason:exposure to screens late at night, which gives our metabolism a signal close to that of UV rays. This signal tells the body that it needs to be awake, which ultimately can alter the sleep cycle.
  • Harmful blue light is a hazard to the eyes . It accelerated the aging of the cells of the macula, and would promote eye pathologies such as AMD.
  • Blue light is one of the “top 3” threats to the skin , with UV and pollution. As for the eyes, it would promote premature skin aging.

Blue light:its effects on the skin

The sun's rays are the primary cause of skin aging , because the waves of ultraviolet rays are particularly short and intense. Blue light has a longer wavelength and is slightly less intense, yet it penetrates the skin more deeply.

Over time, blue light alters the natural functioning of the dermis. It acts on keratinocytes, decreasing the production of collagen and elastin, and it promotes cell oxidation . Cell renewal is slowed down, the skin struggles to regenerate properly.

There is then an accelerated skin aging, with less firm and elastic skin, wrinkles that form more quickly. Blue light also affects the complexion:it causes a dull complexion , grayed out, due to the slowing down of cellular activity. In people with a predisposition to hyperpigmentation, blue light can lead to the appearance of dark spots on the face, or accentuate the phenomenon if you already have them.

Blue light and skin aging:how to prevent its effects?

If the studies carried out on the dangers of blue light for our organism are multiplying and tend to alert us to the question, we must not give in to panic. There are solutions and good things to do to protect yourself against harmful blue light .

For people connected, there are anti-blue light filters to apply to screens to limit their effect. You can also adopt anti-blue light glasses (with or without correction) to protect your eyes. On the dermis side, several actions to put in place to protect yourself from the effects of blue light on the skin :

Bet on antioxidant care

The first step in the face of blue light is to protect yourself against oxidative stress that it generates, that is to say, its oxidizing effect. In your beauty routine, include morning and evening treatments with antioxidant active ingredients. Once a week, boost their effect with an antioxidant mask with a concentrated formula, ideal for combating the effects of pollution on the skin and blue light.

Wear sunscreen all year round

Wearing facial sun care in summer, as in winter, is an essential step to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of your skin. If in summer, an index 30 treatment is the bare minimum, in winter, you can turn to lighter treatments, like our tinted and anti-UV Flash Protect cream.

This treatment protects you from ultraviolet radiation and blue light. As a bonus? The Flash Protect unifies the complexion for a natural healthy glow effect, without preventing you from tanning.

Strengthen your hydrolipidic film

Your skin's defense barrier is its hydrolipidic film. This film on the surface of the dermis protects you against UV radiation, against blue light, and pollution. To protect your skin, it is necessary to strengthen the hydrolipidic film every day , with a moisturizing and nourishing cream.

Even better:choose a cream with an anti-aging effect like our Age Killer treatment, to fight against the loss of elastin and collagen , accelerated by blue light.