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What is the beauty gesture of this fall?


Removing make-up is an essential step in any beauty ritual. Yes, but that's not enough:you must then apply a tonic lotion and then an anti-aging cream. And when I'm in a hurry, or I'm just lazy, I might as well tell you that one or even two steps can go by the wayside. Luckily for me, I found a miracle solution:the remarkable make-up remover oil from Patyka. This magical product combines these 3 actions in 1 single formula:it removes make-up, it tones the skin and it prevents the signs of aging. A real time and money saver, but above all a real moment of pleasure.

Melting, the texture of this make-up remover oil is ultra pleasant. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients and enriched with precious vegetable oils, it cleanses my skin deeply but gently. The little extra thing? Prickly Pear and Rose Oil leave my skin smelling divine. Finally, it is not complicated to use! Every evening, I apply it all over my face and neck, after slightly warming it in the palms of my hands. I rinse with lukewarm water, pat dry and... Tadam, my skin is freed of its impurities, supple and toned.

Patyka – Remarkable cleansing oil


For a few months we have only been talking about her:the coconut! You didn't have to tell me 10 times... I love its smell, its effects and its texture.
It's kind of my evening beauty gesture after a long day, I want to take care from me so instead of lying on my bed and well I rush to take a very hot shower (uh that, you don't need too much), then I hydrate myself. It's not an obligatory daily passage but at least twice a week, I sit down and I take time for myself.
I moisturize my legs, my chest or my hair if I plan to shampoo the next morning. Without this forecast, let it be said, it is not possible.
Ok we smell good but the greasy hair effect would be at its peak.
In summer, it's great, the legs are soft and hydrated. No more crocodile legs and long live mini skirts or dresses above the knee to show off while being stylish.
However in winter, the oil becomes more solid so my tip:I run water well hot on the bottle and in less than a minute, my oil is ready to use.
At this season, I love it especially to give a boost to my hair and then the smell of coconut is not to displease me, quite the contrary, I love it! It reminds me of summer.
Do you remember that season when we have our feet in the sand and we feel the sun on our skin? Well in winter, the coco is there so that I remember these beautiful sensations!
Finally, and that's for the visible touch and pleasure, I also apply it in the morning when I have a low neckline or when my arms are not covered to smell good and also to make my skin look satiny, shiny and supple.

Monoi from BIARRITZ Laboratories


It's never too early and never too late to embellish the bust!
We all dream of a superb, shapely, firm and toned neckline? Don't tell me no! Whether you do an 80A or a 95D, your cleavage can be beautiful if you take care of it correctly!
Indeed, just like the skin on your face, that of your bust must be deeply nourished to maintain its firmness and its tone.
For that and to be able to put all my necklaces that I particularly like on a curved neckline (always sexier), I put on the Câlinesse bust cream.
The active ingredients of this cream (jojoba, borage and edelweiss) boost the elasticity of my skin and slow down the aging process.
I use it every night after my shower, applying it with circular movements from the base of my breasts to at the birth of my neck and shoulders.
Tell yourself that prevention really works and stick to one application a day.



This back to school I swear by one gesture:hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. After holidays spent in the sun and by the sea, my skin is tight and just waiting to be quenched. And then, there is no better recipe for making a nice tan last!

On the other hand, there is no question of throwing myself on the first moisturizer that comes along. This year it's decided, I pamper my skin. The skin of the face is the thinnest and the most fragile, so now I take – really – care of it. I look carefully at the ingredients, and select the products that I like according to their composition. My back-to-school favorite is the Absolute Moisturizing Care from the Lili Margo brand. I discovered it recently and since then I swear by it. The active ingredients are all natural, I love it. The texture is melting, very pleasant, and the fragrance divine. I notice that since I use good products, I have a prettier skin and less imperfections! So much so that I say goodbye to foundation, I let my skin breathe.

Lili Margo Absolute Moisturizer


As for the beauty routine, I tend to turn to natural products. And yes, nature has many resources, so might as well exploit them!
My latest discovery? Rasul. This clay from Morocco and which means "earth to wash" has been used for many generations to cleanse the body and hair. Rassoul is rich in provitamins, minerals and trace elements and that, we LOVE IT!

For the body, it rebalances the pH of the skin, protects against external aggressions and purifies the skin. So ideal for all city dwellers like me who suffer from pollution on a daily basis.
For the face, it's an infallible weapon for removing blackheads, fighting oily and acne-prone skin, and rassoul is also very effective against bags under the eyes. In short, it has become my best beauty ally that allows me to regain healthy and perfectly soft skin!

Rassoul Baija


In order to start the days on the right foot, I have made a habit of taking care of my skin, and especially my eyes. I hate having visible dark circles, which show my lack of sleep.

To remedy this, I found the perfect product:Lierac Anti-Fatigue Gel, specially designed for Men. This multifunctional treatment reduces wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and dark circles. Composed of Arnica, Chamomile, and Ruscus, it diminishes the dull color of my under eyes, and gives the illusion to everyone, that I am constantly in great shape!

Eye contour for men – Lierac


Just because you're a man doesn't mean you can't take care of yourself. If there is one essential I can't do without, it's my Nuxe moisturizer. To have a fresh complexion every day, I apply my moisturizer twice a day, morning and evening. Having slightly dry skin with multiple shaves and daily aggressions, I have to moisturize my skin, so as not to look small. The strong point of my Nuxe fresh beauty cream? Thanks to its hydration, I have soft, luminous skin and I no longer feel that uncomfortable feeling after shaving.

48H moisturizing cream – NUXE


I am a big fan of masks. But finding the mask that will purify my sensitive skin without dehydrating it is not easy! By dint of looking, I ended up finding it.
In addition to having a rather nice name, the Sanoflore queen mask is just miraculous. Suitable for all skin types, it refreshes the face, evens out the complexion and smoothes the skin texture. Every Saturday, in my bathroom, it's the same ritual:I apply my queen mask, I leave it on for 10 minutes, I massage in circular movements and I rinse with clear water. I love its texture:between gel, oil and foam, it is fresh and very easy to apply. Formulated with white lily, mimosa and royal jelly, it smells so good you don't want to rinse it off. From the first uses, I found my complexion more radiant, more even and fresher. The little extra? Formulated without dyes, without parabens and based on 100% natural active ingredients, it is perfect for sensitive skin like mine. You too, reveal the queen inside you with this great mask!

Mask of queens – Sanoflore