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I have dry skin:what should I do?

Abused and unloved, dry skin affects nearly one in three women. However, ignorance of its deep nature is frequent, which is not to help matters... You are one of those who, facing their mirror, ask themselves "I have dry skin, what should I do?" Veld's tells you everything you need to know to pamper this delicate skin type.

Dry skin:know it and recognize it

What is dry skin?

Dry skin can be considered as alipidic skin, that is to say lack of lipids – fat, in short. These small lipids are normally carried to the surface of the skin by sebum. This oily substance has an occlusive role:it prevents dehydration of the skin. But when it is secreted in insufficient quantity, it can no longer fulfill its protective role. This is how the skin's water reservoirs dry up and the epidermis sees its hydration level melt like snow in the sun...

Dry or dehydrated skin?

As you will have understood, dehydration and dryness are intimately linked . It is also because dry skin is deficient in lipids that it runs out of water! However, dry skin remains a skin type in its own right. Dehydration, on the other hand, is only a transient state likely to affect all skin profiles one day or another. Dehydrated skin can therefore easily be treated. But real dry skin, you have to be prepared to live with.

How do you recognize dry skin?

Dry skin has a major advantage:they are sublime ! Their grain is tight, their pores are invisible and they are so fine that veins are often visible. The icing on the cake, we rarely observe pimples on dry skin. On the other hand, it causes deep discomfort :dry skin and itching go hand in hand, but it is also rough to the touch and itchy at the slightest opportunity. In addition, it often lacks radiance and displays early wrinkles particularly marked. In short, not everything is rosy…

Dry skin:the causes

Physiological changes

As we know, hormones play a major role in the beauty of the skin. However, at menopause, estrogen and progesterone levels drop sharply in the blood. As a result (among others…), the sebaceous glands are less active and only secrete a small amount of sebum. This explains why with age, the skin dries out. To be precise, we no longer really speak in this case of dry skin, but of senescent skin .

The genetic heritage

Sometimes dry skin is hereditary. It is then a congenital dysfunction which is similar to a form of moderate ichthyosis. This disease is characterized by extremely dry skin, an almost perpetual presence of dead skin over its entire surface and a snake scale effect. Despite everything, it remains very rare and no definitive treatment has yet emerged in the medical spheres.

Inappropriate treatments

The hydrolipidic film is fragile. Its balance can be damaged in the event of exposure to aggressive external factors , such as weather conditions or tough cleanings. Result:too pickled, the skin loses part of the lipid phase supposed to block the evaporation of water. In this case, it is not really dry skin, but rather dry skin . This is why it is essential to choose the right care!

Dry skin on the face:the solutions

Support skin relipidation

Since dry skin no longer secretes enough fat, it needs to be given some from outside. Of course, this ritual begins with cleansing:all substances likely to damage the lipid barrier are to be banned. This is particularly the case for the surfactants contained in foaming detergents. Definitely choose a cleansing oil. Morning and evening, follow this step with the Age 2O deep hydration cream to reduce water loss as much as possible .

Rebalancing your diet

Of course, you can also act from within to take care of your dry skin! If you want to keep your skin young and beautiful longer, give pride of place to omega-3 on your plate. A regular intake of this essential fatty acid will allow you to hold out against the phenomenon of dry, itchy skin and other inconveniences. You will mainly find it in linseed, rapeseed oil, fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, etc.) and eggs.

Fleeing aggravating factors

Dry skin can suffer from even more marked discomfort than usual if it is exposed to aggravating elements. And unfortunately, there are many of them:hard water, cold, lack of humidity or even endocrine disruptors are some of them. It is not uncommon for climatic factors , which are difficult to avoid, cause plaques on dry skin. To avoid this, be sure to properly protect your dry skin in winter with film-forming formulas , such as Age Commando Anti-Wrinkle Balm.

Pay particular attention to the eye area

The great finesse of dry skin exposes it to the appearance of premature deep wrinkles. But there is an area of ​​the face that is even more vulnerable than the others to the signs of skin aging:the eye contour. All the more reason to pamper it twice daily with a moisturizer that will smooth the skin while reviving the synthesis of elastin and collagen proteins. The star of Veld's is the Eye Magic Anti-Wrinkle Brush!

Enhance your dry skin with make-up

Dry skin also has the right to wear makeup! Their constitution allows them to hang makeup well. For more comfort, choose fluid or cream textures . Forget mineral or powder foundations, which could aggravate your dry skin. We also recommend that you apply an SPF :the collagen and elastin networks of dry skin are very thin and all the more fragile in the face of the sun's rays. The must have for making up dry skin in summer and in all seasons:the Flash Protect luminous fluid.