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7 tops and tops to have in your dressing room

Looking for the perfect wardrobe? Here is our selection of 7 tops and tops that you absolutely must have in your closet ! Both trendy and timeless, these tops will allow you to create all the looks you dream of.

The white blouse

The white blouse, as classic as it is, is nonetheless a chameleon in the dressing room. Depending on the pieces you associate with it, you can create a multitude of looks, from the most casual to the most sophisticated.

Which white blouse to choose?

When it comes to white shirts, you'll be spoiled for choice. We advise you to opt for a slightly XXL cut, very trendy at the moment.

What to wear with the white blouse?

Like we said, you can wear the white blouse with whatever you want. We love it buttoned up and under a sweater in winter for an androgynous look, tucked into a sequined skirt for a sophisticated evening look, or simply worn over jeans for a casual chic outfit.

The tank top

Far from its origins as underwear, the tank top is now a fashion must-have that can be worn both in the office and on vacation.

What form of tank top?

Thin or wide straps? Adjusted or loose fit? Round or V neckline? The possibilities are multiple with the tank top and you must choose according to your morphology.

Outfit idea for the office with a tank top

For a day at the office, you can opt for a tank top with rather wide sleeves and a light neckline, to wear with tailored pants.

The basic V-neck or round-neck T-shirt

A basic T-shirt, round neck or V-neck, will save you the day in many situations. Due to its simplicity, it allows all possible and imaginable combinations and is a real joker, you will find all kinds in particular on Moda Vilona.

What colors should you bet on for your basic T-shirt?

We advise you to stick to the classic:white, black, gray and, possibly, marinière.

Casual chic with a basic t-shirt

For spring, we advise you to wear your basic round-neck or V-neck t-shirt with simple raw jeans, a pretty belt, a trench coat and a pair of trendy sneakers.

Top with worked sleeves

Beyond the fact that voluminous and/or asymmetrical sleeves are very trendy at the moment, the top with worked sleeves is always a good option to bring a touch of sophistication to an outfit.

The sleeved tops we love right now

The big trend of the moment in terms of sleeves is XXL volumes. So don't hesitate to fall for an organza blouse with beautiful volumes!

An evening look with a top with worked sleeves

Mix your top with worked sleeves with a pretty high-waisted pencil skirt for the evening, your legs will be elongated and your waist refined:an irresistible silhouette in the blink of an eye!

The casual polo shirt

Recently dusted off, the polo shirt is back on the fashion scene and would impose itself almost like the new white t-shirt. BCBG and originally preppy, nothing prevents you from adopting it for a more casual look.

How to wear a polo shirt for a preppy style?

Matched with a skater skirt, straight pants or even cigarette jeans, the plain polo shirt is an essential part of the preppy and BCBG dressing room. We advise you to opt for a worked Claudine-style collar, for an extra touch of femininity.

The 2020 polo shirt:how to do it?

If you want to concoct an outfit a little less first degree with your polo shirt, opt for a bright color, or even downright fluorescent if you like. Pair it with destroyed boyfriend jeans, a leather mini or, why not, denim shorts!

Flowing blouse

Less strict than a white shirt but dressier than a simple T-shirt, the flowing blouse is a fashion essential that still has a bright future ahead of it.

Which fluid blouse to be trendy?

Fashion is oversized, so we don't hesitate to fall for an XXL flowing blouse to be on top. The trendy colors of the moment are cumin yellow, powder pink and lilac.

What to wear the flowing blouse with?

There's nothing like pretty mom jeans or boyfriend jeans to put your blouse in the spotlight in an easy and trendy casual chic outfit. We also like the blouse with wide, flowing pants for the summer, a bohemian look to perfection.

The bralette

The bralette is actually a lace bra, which is best worn under another top to bring a touch of glamor without overdoing it. Here are some ideas for wearing your bralette well.
– Under overalls
– Under a white blouse
– Under a V-neck sweater
– Under a transparent blouse
– Under a tank top
– Under a wide open black shirt
– Under a tuxedo jacket, with high waisted pants.