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The military jacket:a trendy piece to have in your dressing room

The military jacket is above all the emblem of rock stars! It is also the fetish piece of certain public figures as was the case of Mickael Jackson. This fetish piece continues to be revisited over the years. During Fashion Week, many it-girls sport a military jacket sometimes adorned with embroidery, studs, rhinestones, fur or simple brass buttons.

It's a must-have piece, which we like to wear in all seasons. And this winter once again, there will be something for everyone!

You already have a khaki jacket in your closet and you may be wondering how to wear it? Is it still trendy this season? How to customize a military jacket to make it a modern and glamorous piece? Where to find a khaki military jacket basic?

So many questions that we will answer in our guide to know how to wear the military jacket.

How to dress with a military jacket?

Each season, some pieces remain timeless but you can't wear them. Fashion uses basics and revisits them by changing codes and sometimes even changing cuts or trends.

The military jacket, although present in our wardrobes for a long time, no longer looks the same today as it did a few years ago.

But then which military jacket should you choose this season to be on trend? And how to wear it?

Adopt the officer style for a sophisticated look

If you are looking for a sophisticated military jacket, you will certainly be seduced by officer style military jackets .

Most of them are black or navy blue in noble materials such as velvet. They are adorned with golden details such as braiding or embroidery patterns. Their collars are recognizable because they are straight, high and the shoulder pads are often well marked. This type of jacket is generally fitted and rather short.

For a modern look, don't hesitate to combine the military officer jacket with trendy materials like leather.

In summer, you can also break the codes by combining it with shorts in destroyed jeans .

Think sailors, tops, white shirts, white dresses and especially heels!

Go for an oversized military jacket for a casual look

This year, the trend is oversize. Street style looks are taking over XXL and the military jacket is no exception to the rule. You can choose it in plain khaki tones or fall for the camouflage print. If you choose the latter, it will be easier to match with light jeans than raw jeans.

Combine your military jacket with boyfriend jeans or the cut of the moment by opting for Mom jeans . You can slice the casual side by wearing a top or a blouse in embroidery or lace to bring some chic to your outfit.

Create a casual chic look by opting for a classic khaki military jacket

For a casual chic look , you can wear your military jacket with a basic white t-shirt and straight-cut black pants.

Consider pairing your jacket with high-waisted black pants. Elegant leather derbies will be perfect for going to the office and getting a sophisticated outfit. Flat or heeled ankle boots are also an excellent choice.

The advantage of the khaki military jacket classic is that it will be easy to tune.

For example, you can choose a fitted cut if your style is rather classic or an oversized model if you are always on the cutting edge of fashion. It is especially by combining it with basics and another trendy piece that you can create the perfect casual chic look.

Where to find a women's khaki military jacket?

It's very simple, the khaki military jacket is in all the stores! Asos, Zara, H&M, Zalando, La Redoute etc…You will find all kinds of models and cuts depending on the chosen store.

On the designer side, we particularly like the unstructured cut of the military jacket at Claudie Pierlot and the rock'n'roll model from Zadig &Voltaire .

How to revamp a military jacket?

If you already have a basic military jacket in your wardrobe and you want to give it a second life, you can easily revamp it to make it a trendy piece!

In no time, your look will become sometimes bohemian or sometimes rock and give you a style all your own.

This year, personalizing your look is something we see a lot. Perfectos and denim jackets are on the front line and many brands have adopted the trend. But we love the pleasure of having made your piece yourself to make it unique.

To revamp your military jacket, you will need a sewing or embroidery kit, imagination, inspiration (Pinterest is full of them) and above all some tutorials on youtube if you are not manual at all. But don't worry, it's not as difficult as it looks!

How to revamp your military jacket? Here are some ideas for creating a unique style:

  • Add embroidery for a bohemian style
  • Embroider flowers, shells or beads, studs or rhinestones
  • Add patches
  • Have an English inscription, a mantra or a phrase embroidered that suits you

In conclusion:

The military jacket is one of those timeless pieces that come out every year. You must therefore keep them as precious nuggets in your wardrobe. To adapt it to this season's trends or to choose it well if you don't have one yet, be sure to follow a few rules:

  • If you want an elegant look, definitely opt for an officer-style jacket
  • If you want an ultra trendy look, choose an oversized model
  • If you want a more classic but trendy and chic style, pair your khaki jacket with basics and trendy pieces such as mom jeans or high waisted pants
  • If you like to have a unique style, dare to personalize your jacket by customizing it with pretty embroidery or beads