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Do you really have to wait for the full moon to cut your hair?

According to beliefs , cut your hair a full moon evening would have been beneficial for the growth of our hair . Indeed, at this time, the body would regenerate. The hair would therefore not be spared during this phase. More thick , brighter, stronger. In short, this is when you should go to the hairdresser . On the contrary, if you want to keep your haircut short for longer , we would have to wait for the descending phase of the Moon . Quite a calculation therefore, to gain a few centimeters and in quality.

Cutting your hair on a full moon night:an enduring legend

As tempting as it is, nothing proves this theory. Especially from a scientific point of view . Indeed, the theory would apply to living matter. “The moon has an influence on all living things:the tides , the earth's crust, animals, plants , and of course humans" , explained Clément Gros, the son of the author of the Lunar Calendar. “Cut Flowers at this time will last longer, while they will fade faster in the waning moon " . But hair can in no way be compared with plants. Moreover, on his website, Jean Louis David is very clear. For the majority of hairdressers, there is no period ideal! It is only advisable to cut your lengths by a few centimeters every 3 months approximately, to avoid split ends and give your hair a boost.

It's up to you to choose whether you prefer to rely on the expertise of hairdressers or astrologers...