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How to make up your neck and décolleté?

How to make up your neck and décolleté? We often tend to neglect them in our beauty treatment. However, neck and décolleté are just as important as our face. Here are our tips for taking care of them and enhancing them.

Similar to the face, the neck and décolleté are two delicate areas that need to be maintained, and that can be enhanced with make-up. With the right gestures and quality products, our beauty treatment can only be better.

Neck and décolleté:care first

We do not make up a neck that is not healthy, just as we do not overload a face that is not clean. This is why the first thing to do to take care of your neck and décolleté is to protect them against the ravages of the sun. These parts of our body should therefore always be exposed under a good layer of sunscreen.

Likewise, exfoliating and moisturizing treatments should not be neglected. On the contrary, we recommend doing a scrub and mask ritual every two weeks, as an extension, why not of our facial treatments which are just as suitable. After carefully cleansing our skin, we opt for gentle products that we apply in thin layers to get rid of dead skin.

Finally, we bet on serums and creams with a firming action to give our neck and décolleté a smoother and firmer appearance.

The right gesture: massage the neck and décolleté with circular movements starting from the center of the chest, then extending the gesture towards the shoulders. We then go up with the palms of the hands from the base of the neck towards the chin. These simple gestures are perfect for toning and plumping the skin.

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Camouflage imperfections for a natural look

We can never repeat it enough:the neck and décolleté should not be forgotten in our make-up routine. A demarcation between face and neck is, in all circumstances, a misstep. For a perfect finish without going through large construction sites, you can completely powder the area by making large circular movements.

To hide small imperfections, choose a specific fluid foundation for the body or a fairly covering self-tanner. Finally, keep in mind that there are illuminators specially designed to make up the neckline. They bring a touch of light and highlight it for an all-purpose result that makes all the difference.

Playing with shadows and cheating on the neckline

To sculpt a chest and a pretty head carriage, you can always count on makeup. But here, there's no naturalness:we're going all out.

For a "pulp" and elegant chest, we wear a "push-up" effect bra, we protect our favorite dress with a handkerchief and we draw our contouring brushes.

The right gesture: apply a bronzer in the hollow of the chest. Then, go up with the brush following the curve of the breasts to draw a V with a semicircle on each side. Then apply a slightly pearly illuminating powder on the visible part of the breasts, below the lines that have been drawn beforehand. Whatever happens, avoid the glow effect, because the result must above all be natural.

If you embark on the "contouring" adventure, you must always take care to blur the lines, because nothing is more unsightly than too visible a demarcation. Thanks to this technique, you gain a bra size!

Let's not forget that make-up removal from the neck and décolleté at the end of the day. In order to perform as best as possible, we choose a make-up remover wipe, which allows you to clean the area quickly and well.

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