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Look Comfy:how to wear ultra-comfortable clothes with style

The Comfy look is a clever mix of comfort and style... these are the women who always look dressed up but tell you that, yet, they don't put in much effort. But what is their secret?!

We give you some advice to adopt the Comfy look while remaining trendy and this, without fashion faux-pas!

Look Comfy:definition

Very Parisian, the Comfy look aims to be able to remain elegant and trendy, while comfortably facing the day ahead. It is therefore a clever mix of timeless and trendy pieces, which, once mixed, will give you the famous look "I am perfectly dressed but not on purpose".

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The key pieces of this look

The goal of the comfy look is to be comfortable in these clothes for the day ahead. As a result, the flagship pieces are quite basic and comfortable . We take stock of what to add to your wardrobe to adopt the Comfy look.


For tops, choose simple things that look comfortable:turtleneck sweater, wool or cashmere sweater, pretty blouse with a chunky knit cardigan

And above all, avoid all that is complicated:accumulation of patterns, improbable cuts, mixtures of colors or materials... Always remember that the goal of the Comfy look is to be able to get ready in 3 minutes flat in the morning.

In the same way, try to favor straight or loose cuts rather than tight cuts (there's nothing comfortable about wearing a lycra t-shirt!).


For bottoms, the essential is clearly jeans . And we understand why:it's comfortable, it goes with everything, and it's hard to make a bad taste when you wear one. Choose simple models (avoid embroidery and other tears, patterns, lace, etc.), straight or boyfriend cut, or even jeggings. Slim is not prohibited, but it is clearly less Comfy.

You can also dare sports leggings or jogging (even if Karl Lagerfeld clearly did not say good things about it, peace to his soul), which are the absolute pinnacle of comfort. Choose a dressy model, finally as much as possible for jogging, and match it with more chic pieces such as a perfecto, a blazer, or a pretty blouse. Black leggings with side stripes are a good option. On the other hand, we advise you to avoid gray fleece joggers, which bring back far too many memories of EPS.

If you opt for a little more dressy pants, like a black culottes for example, mix it with a big sweater and sneakers, you'll be perfect.

Of course, you can wear skirts and dresses for your Comfy look, as long as they are simple and modern:corduroy, sweater dress, shirt dress, denim mini-skirt (preferably black)… You will have the spoiled for choice!

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Sneakers are without a doubt the favorite shoes of followers of the Comfy style. But beware, not just any. They have to be modern to work with a Comfy look! You can also wear boots from time to time, especially with short skirts.


Accessories are not to be neglected for a successful Comfy look, quite the contrary . They allow you to add trend, modernity and elegance to an otherwise simple look. So don't hesitate to combine fine jewelry (big trend of the season), treat yourself to winter it-bags, and treat yourself to hats and other scarves.

Tips to be trendy with this look

If the comfy look is not worked properly, it can quickly be a bit dull. Also, to make sure you stay on trend, be sure to choose as many timeless pieces nice straight jeans, pretty blouses, a well-cut biker jacket, a few quality sweaters, etc.). These pieces will allow you to have a simple and elegant base of outfit, with which you cannot go wrong.

Stay tuned for posts from fashionistas on the networks, you will find something to inspire you!

Mistakes to avoid

The ultimate pitfall of the Comfy look is to fall into sportswear , or even downright neglected. So avoid outfits that are too simple and stay away from cheap materials.

Audrey Lombard:ambassador of this style

Allegory of the Parisian, Audrey Lombard quickly became the fashion icon for lovers of Comfy looks . His blog and his Instagram are full of good ideas and good associations, go quickly and find some inspiration!