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How to wear boyfriend jeans?

Boyfriend jeans is a must-have piece and is one of the easiest denims to wear in winter and summer! This masculine-looking piece is particularly stylish and offers a multitude of choices for your looks. If you haven't already, you could quickly be seduced by the cut of the boyfriend jeans!

One ​​of the undeniable advantages of high-waisted boyfriend jeans or low waist is that it can be worn in casual mode as well as in chic mode!

How do you know if these jeans are made for your body type? What to wear with boyfriend jeans? Discover all our fashion tips on what to wear with boyfriend jeans.

What are boyfriend jeans?

Straightly inspired by the men's wardrobe, boyfriend jeans, also known as boyfit jeans, is an ultra-trendy feminine fashion piece. It has enjoyed great success in recent years to give way to other even more current cuts such as those of Mom jeans .

It is easily recognized by its masculine cut because it is loose and fluid at the level of the legs but while having a feminine cut. There are lots of different fits, from very loose boyfriend jeans to slimmer, smoother boyfriend jeans.

Depending on your tastes, you can choose a torn, faded model, with a vintage style, in raw or light tones.

Be careful not to confuse it with the Mom jeans, which are one of the most popular denim cuts this year.

Distinguish between boyfriend jeans and mom jeans

Although both have masculine inspirations in their cut, you have to make the difference between Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans .

Boyfriend jeans generally have a rather low cut and are worn rolled up at the ankles, while Mom jeans have a very high waist, well-defined hips and are tapered at the level of the leg.

Boyfriend jeans:for which morphology?

Who can wear boyfriend jeans?

Boyfriend jeans can be worn by all body types, but one thing is certain, they will be better suited for silhouettes with a minimum of shapes in the hips, buttocks and thighs . If you are too thin, you will tend to disappear under the cut of boyfriend jeans.

You can also go for boyfriend jeans if you're plump! Its cut will hide unsightly bulges on the stomach and it will give a more slender appearance on the hips!

Another question women often ask themselves is how to wear boyfriend jeans when you're petite.

If you are not very tall, it will be enough to wear it with heels to feminize your silhouette. Also try to choose your boyfriend jeans a little slim and not too wide at the buttocks and hips. There are cuts of destroyed boyfriend jeans very pretty and well adjusted.

How to wear boyfriend jeans?

Which boyfriend jeans to choose?

Here are some basic rules for how to choose your boyfriend jeans :

  • Although boyfriend jeans come from the men's wardrobe, it is important to choose them from the women's department and not to steal your man's! The cut of your jeans must still be adapted to your feminine figure and be adjusted to your shapes.
  • Turn to destroyed boyfriend jeans, it will give you style.
  • Try different cuts of jeans! It is generally low rise but there are also slightly higher sizes. It is by trying that you will find the perfect fit for you.
  • Also be careful to choose it well adjusted at the hips. You should not take a model that is too wide at the hips or too tight either.
  • Roll it up at the calves for a modern and trendy look.

What top with boyfriend jeans?

The cut of boyfit jeans being slightly loose at the hips, it is absolutely necessary to feminize your outfit by choosing close-fitting tops. If you wear tops that are too baggy, you risk looking like a potato sack!

Opt for fitted shirts and blouses, tight-fitting tops or t-shirts or tank tops in summer, etc.

For a rock touch, add a perfecto and for a dressier look you'll make a splash with a beautiful fitted black blazer!

What shoes with boyfriend jeans?

The ideal is to wear heels with your jeans to get a chic and sophisticated look! But if you want to have a casual look, you can also wear your boyfriend jeans with sneakers or sandals in summer. If you want a dressier look, pair it with a nice pair of derbies.

In winter, we opt for the association:boyfriend jeans and ankle boots for an elegant look!

How to wear boyfriend jeans in summer?

In summer, boyfriend jeans are a key piece of women's dressing. We particularly like it for its comfortable appearance and practicality. It is easier to turn on light boyfriend jeans or faded, ripped jeans in the summer. Not only will you be less hot but it will bring a little rock touch to your outfit. Also remember to choose rather cropped jeans to show off the tan of your ankles!

Note that one and the same boyfriend jeans can be suitable for two totally different, even opposite, styles. Whether you like to dress in sportswear or be on the cutting edge with a chic outfit, just adapt your shoes and top to set the tone for your overall look!

Opt for a naturally wavy hair and you will look stylish without having made any particular effort.

How to wear boyfriend jeans in winter?

Boyfriend jeans are one of the cuts of denim stars, especially in summer!

Very comfortable to wear, these are the perfect jeans to put in your suitcase for going on vacation or for a weekend getaway with friends. But what about winter? Is it a piece that you can adapt to your dressing room all year round?

Yes! boyfriend jeans can be worn in winter. And as many women put it in the closet as soon as summer is over, you will stand out all the more with your boyfriend jeans look in winter . Well accessorized, you will be trendier than ever.

Some tips for wearing boyfriend jeans in winter:

  • Prefer raw jeans to light jeans because they will be dressier and easier to pair with warm pieces.
  • Dare boyfriend jeans and ankle boots! In this case, to make your look as feminine as possible, choose high-waisted boyfriend jeans and belt it!
  • Try to choose your high-waisted jeans and wear them with a basic t-shirt and a perfecto matching the color of your shoes.
  • Belt your jeans to give consistency to your outfit.
  • In winter, knits and warm cardigans go perfectly with boyfriend jeans for a casual look.

What coat with boyfriend jeans?

Long, straight coats bring a lot of elegance to an outfit with boyfriend jeans .

Go for neutral colors like black, gray or camel. Wear your coat open to reveal a feminine blouse and if you're cold wrap yourself in a big XXL scarf as the trend wants.

In conclusion:

Boyfriend jeans are the favorite jeans of curvy women !!

Here's how to wear it with elegance:

  • Choose a fit that suits your body type.
  • Choose light jeans in summer and raw jeans in winter.
  • Choose close-fitting tops to balance the silhouette and achieve a feminine look.
  • If you want a chic outfit, opt for pumps.
  • If you want a casual outfit, you can wear it with sneakers or sandals in summer.
  • In winter, dare to pair your destroyed jeans with ankle boots or derbies for a sophisticated look and choose a long straight coat.