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Beauty trend 2020:be beautiful this fall-winter

Fall is just around the corner, and it's time to adapt your makeup, wardrobe, and skincare routine to get in tune with the Fall/Winter 2020 beauty trends. 90s, we continue our journey through time with a return to the resolutely 60's and 70's look. So what are the makeup trends for this fall? What is the big fall-winter 2020 hairstyle trend? Veld's tells you everything, for an autumn at the forefront of style!

Makeup trend 2020:a colorful autumn-winter

The vinyl mouth

Among the major beauty trends of 2020, the vinyl mouth , or “lacquered lips”, marks the comeback of shine and bright colors. It was notably spotted on the Lanvin, Tom Ford and Chistopher Kane fashion shows, for their fall-winter 2020-2021 collections.

Say goodbye to matte lipsticks in neutral tones, opt for brighter colors, with a very shiny finish . As a bonus, the shine will add volume to plump up the lips and give them a fuller appearance.

The disco look

2020 makeup trends are bold. On the eye side, we also dare to use color ! This can go through a lilac, orange or Klein blue eyeshadow, or a coral eyeliner with an XXL line. Sequins will also be present with eyelids covered in silver, gold or colored glitter, the choice is yours!

XXL eyeliner

If the eyeliner seemed to have disappeared from our makeup bags, it resurfaces in the beauty trends 2020 . But be careful, we do not apply it just any way! Stop making a wise little line or flush with the eyelashes to create depth, eyeliner is resolutely rocking this fall :we opt for a thick line, which goes up well on the sides, a bit like Amy Winehouse.

Twiggy eyelashes so 60’s

Ahhh Twiggy… This fabulous icon of the 60s left its mark on the fashion world with her boyish cut and her sculpted lashes. If you had the delicate gesture on the mascara side, you will therefore have to dare to go more briskly:we barely wring out the brush, and we work in zig-zag to sculpt the eyelashes . It's certainly a little helping hand to take, but once mastered, your smoldering gaze will take its toll!

Autumn winter 2020 hairstyle trends

The 70's fringe

If the 70s aesthetic is clearly evident in this year's makeup trends, it is also found in the Fall-Winter 2020 hairstyle trends ! And what could be more 70's than a beautiful fringe that draws the face? Spotted on the Chloé, Céline and Missoni fashion shows in the fall-winter 2021 collections, it is one of the flagship haircuts of this fall. To wear as a fuzzy, short and tapered fringe , long or on the side, everyone adapts it to their style and body type.

The return of the scrunchie and the scarf

Among the fall-winter 2020 hairstyle trends, there had to be one easy and quick to make :tie it with a scrunchie or a scarf. Simple ponytail, fuzzy bun or thick braid, the hairstyles are embellished with patterns and colors thanks to these little accessories. Simple and effective, we love it!

Shag Hair, star of autumn

Another way to put the fringe in the spotlight this year? The Shag Hair ! Iconic cut of the seventies, it makes us adopt the parting in the middle and the fringe worked on the side, with all the hair in gradient. An ideal trend for those who want to give movement and volume to their hair !

The square, the safe bet

If there is a hairstyle trend that we find every autumn, it's the square! A safe bet that never goes out of style, and that adapts to all body types and hair types. Short or mid-length, wavy or smooth, on the side or with the parting in the middle, everyone can shape the bob to their image !

Beautiful skin and beautiful hair this fall

We don't know about you, but when we see all these past trends on the networks, we really want to try it out. However, it should be kept in mind that a beauty treatment cannot be successful if the base is not neat :beautiful makeup will stand out better on beautiful skin, just as a haircut will look better if the hair is healthy.

And, as we know, seasonal changes are not the easiest times to take care of your skin and hair. So don't forget:take care of yourself with a healthy lifestyle, and make time for yourself , like a cocooning ritual in the bathroom. Moisturize your skin morning and evening with the appropriate care, and take the time to make hair masks to enhance your hair.