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How to erase signs of fatigue on the face?

Back to school is often a hectic time. The return to work and the change of rhythm, sometimes a little brutal, does not leave our body indifferent. Worse, sometimes, it even ends up showing on our face:drawn features, tired and dull face, marked wrinkles... Don't worry, it's not irremediable! Let's see together how to erase signs of fatigue on the face , to regain your good looks.

Tired face:the causes

When you have a tired face , it is often a lack of sleep. When our days are twice as busy as during the holidays, and in addition, we sleep less... Well, it happens quickly!

We often forget that the epidermis is an organ like any other. Sleep promotes its regeneration, with an increase in collagen synthesis and blood flow . This is what makes the complexion look luminous in the morning, the skin plump. However, when we don't get enough sleep, the skin doesn't regenerate properly. She is drier, the complexion is dull, small pimples of fatigue may appear. We also notice that dark circles and wrinkles are more marked.

If in most cases, a tired face is simply explained by... a lack of sleep, other causes can give you tired features . Pollution, an unbalanced diet, or health concerns can contribute to dull complexion and scarring of features. Finally, a beauty routine that is unsuitable for your skin type can also “fatigue” the skin.

I have drawn features, a tired face, what should I do?

Cleanse the skin and refresh it

When you get out of bed, do you look sad? Never mind ! Start by refreshing your skin and cleansing it. You can splash a big splash of cool, even cold, water on your face. Indeed, the cold is a very good anti-fatigue ally :it boosts blood circulation, tightens pores, and smoothes the features. For those whose skin reacts to limestone, a shot of thermal spray or floral water can do the trick. You can leave your spray in the fridge to get a fresh result.

Moisturize and massage to erase signs of fatigue on the face

Let’s move on to the most important step:moisturizing the skin. Nothing better to revitalize the skin than a good full of water. Apply your day cream every morning, choosing a cream suited to your skin type .

When the seasons change, it is sometimes necessary to change products, to have a richer cream in winter, and a lighter one in summer. In particular, you can use an anti-aging treatment , to restore suppleness to the skin, while treating the signs of aging. At Veld's, we have developed the Pure Pulp Neo treatment, ideal for tired skin! This beauty-restoring gel hydrates, plumps the skin, and smoothes wrinkles for an immediate glow.

To boost the effects of your cream and erase the signs of fatigue on the face, take advantage of this moment to massage the skin. Apply your cream from the center of the face outwards, then massage each area in small circular movements at your fingertips. Insist a little more on the wrinkled areas, going in the opposite direction of the wrinkles, to smooth the folds. This little massage will boost blood circulation, for a brighter complexion. It is also an opportunity to erase that wrinkled and swollen side that the skin can sometimes have after a night that is too short.

Pamper the eye area

Once you've refreshed and hydrated your skin, there's one more clue that gives you away:your eyes! Yes, when you have a tired face and drawn features , it is often the eyes that say the most. Your look is less sparkling, dark circles and puffiness are accentuated, as well as expression lines.

To erase signs of fatigue, use an eye contour care is then THE solution. Ideally, opt for a treatment with a brush or roll-on applicator. Not only will you have a solution designed to hydrate the fragile skin around the eyes, but you will also benefit from a massage to decongest the eyes. You can say goodbye to puffy eyes and marked dark circles!

Because every woman is unique, at Veld's, we have created our Eye Magic eye cream in three versions:anti-wrinkle to chase away crow's feet, lifting effect to smooth the area and fight against sagging eyelids, or anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness effect to chase away all signs of fatigue! In a small stroke of the brush, you will find a sparkling look.

How to erase signs of fatigue on the face?

In case of severe fatigue, the above skincare routine may sometimes not be enough to erase all traces of fatigue on your face. We then move on to make-up to regain a healthy glow.

To illuminate a tired and dull face, it is essential to work the complexion well . Apply a BB cream or liquid foundation with a small flat brush. Spread the material well to avoid demarcations, and dose gently so as not to have a plastered appearance. Once the complexion is uniform, work locally with a concealer to camouflag small rednesses , and of course, dark circles if they are particularly dark.

Then, make up your eyes in a clever way:avoid tracing the outline of the eye with a pencil, as this can accentuate the tired effect. Instead, apply a natural-toned cream eyeshadow. You can choose a pearly or slightly glittery one to bring a little light. If you're a fan of eyeliner, a thin line that stretches the gaze upwards can also work. We finish with a touch of mascara, but only on the upper lashes ! When you are tired, it is better to avoid making up the underside of the eye, at the risk of drawing the eye to dark circles.

Finally, to end in beauty and erase the traces of fatigue on your face for good, dare to color! A touch of blush immediately lifts a dull, tired complexion . Another tip:use lipstick. You can choose a flashy tone as well as a softer tone, a little touch of color is enough to restore radiance to the face (provided you choose a shade that suits your complexion of course). There you go, you're ready to face a new day, without the shadow of a mark of fatigue on your pretty face!