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T-zone of the face:advice, care, tips!

There is in the world of beauty an area of ​​the face called the T Zone . This one, far from being a mystery for professional makeup artists, turns out to be a risk area for most women.

What is the T-Zone?

Where is the T-Zone on my face?

The T Zone starts at the forehead, runs down the nose including the wings and ends at the chin. As you can see, it represents a T, hence the name given to it.

What are its characteristics?

This area of ​​the face is specific and particular by its composition. Indeed, it contains twice as many sebaceous glands as the other parts of the face. This has the effect of creating an excess of sebum which makes the T-Zone oily and shiny . In addition, the pores being dilated, the blackheads have more facilities to settle there. It is also the appearance of grainy skin that will have to be treated.

Make no mistake, sebum has an essential role since its action is protective for your skin. However, the sebaceous glands present in large numbers as well as environmental and hormonal factors, such as fatigue, stress or menstruation promote excess sebum in the T Zone.

It is therefore important to have a healthy lifestyle so that this part of the face is doing its best.

How to Clean the T-Zone Properly?

As you now know, impeccable hygiene is essential to treat your T-Zone. So it starts with daily cleaning of the latter.

Cleanse your face morning and evening with clean water before applying moisturizer. Massage your face with gentle, circular gestures.

This will let your pores breathe and reduce sebum production.

Do not use products that are too aggressive since your body could produce more sebum to protect itself from these chemical aggressions. A micellar water can be a good solution to effectively and gently cleanse the T Zone of your face.

You can also try the layering technique which corresponds to the Japanese double cleansing, which uses oil as a fatty substance to detoxify the face.

If desired, a cleansing brush can help you unclog your pores.

Remember that the moisturizer should be suitable for your skin. Excess sebum in the T Zone is mainly found in people with oily or combination skin.

For combination skin, opt for a mattifying serum. For oily skin, a treatment rich in zinc is more suitable.

Specific Facial Treatments for this area

Once a week, to fight against the effects of sebum, do a scrub or a mask with clay in order to soften your skin and relieve you of your impurities. You can find in particular in this complementary article all the benefits of masks for the skin.

In addition, these treatments will tighten your pores while bringing radiance to your skin. This will reduce the appearance of blackheads.

As far as make-up is concerned, opt for mattifying versions that help minimize the shine effect in the T-Zone. In addition, they don't clog pores because they are non-comedogenic.

As you have understood the T Zone can be difficult to tame, however if you use suitable products in reasonable quantities, your skin will regain its original radiance. !