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The gel nail:pose, method, secrets

Having beautiful hands necessarily requires flawless nails.Gel nails is the ideal asset for a perfect and lasting manicure. Here I give you all the secrets to properly understand, apply and then remove gel nails.

Gel nails, what exactly are they?

Gel nails are a simple technique for applying false nails.

You can have your manicure done at a salon, but kits are also available for home gel nail application.

The gel is dried as it is applied using a UV lamp.

Once applied, the gel nails can be varnished.

Advantages of gel nails

Gel nails have many benefits.

Above all, I like the ease of installation. While it's always nice to be pampered at the nail salon, I appreciate being able to do this manicure quietly at home as well.

I also like the very natural look. Gel nails can be varnished in a wide color palette and decorated with nail art. With a perfectly executed pose, it is impossible to differentiate gel nails from natural nails with the naked eye.

How to apply gel nails

If you have chosen to do your gel nails yourself , I recommend that you do not do it on ridged or too damaged nails.

Otherwise, here is the method to apply gel nails easily yourself.

To get started, you will need materials:nail clipper, file, gel, brush, UV lamp, nail polish.

I invite you to start by taking care of your natural nails. This is the time to cut them to obtain the desired length. If they are too short, you can enlarge them using the gel.

We also say goodbye to cuticles.

To limit the risk of bacteria, it is important to wash your hands and disinfect your nails thoroughly.

Once these preliminary steps have been completed, the application of the gel can begin. I do not use a primer, which is not necessary here, and go directly to the application of the first layer of gel. For a durable installation, you will need three in all.

I invite you to dry thoroughly between each layer, after each application. At this stage, the use of a UV lamp is therefore necessary.

Gel nails are set. Finally, I invite you to file them to avoid any snags and give them the desired shape.

You can then varnish them if you wish, proceed with a French-manicure, nail art, in short, give free rein to your desires.

How to remove gel nails

Gel nails can be removed in several ways.

It is possible to soak them in acetone to remove a gel nail quickly. However, I invite you to be careful when using this product, which can be aggressive for the skin. Let the nails soak for just the necessary time, then rinse thoroughly. To soothe the skin around the nail, I invite you to massage with a soothing moisturizer.

If the gel is already chipped when you want to remove your gel nails, you can remove them by inserting a boxwood stick under the surface and using a light prying motion. The residues will have to be cleaned.

I invite you to proceed with patience and gentleness.

Gel nails are therefore a simple way to achieve the perfect manicure. With a little maintenance, your nails will be flawless for several days.