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Perfect nails

Perfect nails, we all dream of them. But difficult to achieve this if you are not a fan of nail salons. So when the time comes to apply your varnish, a small problem always comes to confront us. Broken nail, damaged or chipped nail polish... Not easy indeed! Today, I give you 7 tips that will allow you to have perfect nails!

1. File your nails correctly

To begin, you will need to arm yourself with your nail file, in order to take care of the shape of your nails, which will give a clean result. Square or rounded, the choice is yours! But only one tip:do not go back and forth and always file in the same direction. Thus, you preserve the keratin and you will not weaken them.

2. Fix broken nails

And yes, it is possible, because when one of our nails breaks, we always think (and wrongly) that we will have to cut everything... Well no! There is a solution to avoid the drama. All you need is a tea bag, a pair of scissors, a small wooden stick and finally a transparent varnish.

Then, you have to cut a small square of fabric in the tea bag, place a touch of transparent varnish on the break and put the small bandage over it, simply helping you with the small stick. Then put a second coat of clear varnish to fix everything, and voila, you're done, your nail is repaired.

3. Push back the cuticles

A step often overlooked, but having its importance. Pushing back your cuticles will release the nail as much as possible, you will thus obtain a perfect shape and this will ensure a clean and neat nail polish. To do this, you just need to prepare a small bowl with lukewarm water to soften the skins.

Neither too hot nor too cold, in order to avoid too great a temperature difference which could attack the skin of your very fragile hands. However, you can add a little paraffin oil to them, in order to hydrate them at the same time.
Soaking should not exceed 1 minute. But you can just as well push back your cuticles when you get out of the shower.

Once the "soaking" is finished or when you get out of your shower, take a metal stick, which will be more effective than a wooden one, and repel small skins. It should be effortless and painless.

If they have trouble leaving, don't bother. Adopt daily the application of a specific softening oil on the cuticles.

4. Use a base

Now your nails are ready! It is therefore time to apply a base coat which will have the advantage of reducing any small streaks and which will protect your nails at the same time. And if you have soft, streaked or even yellowed nails, do not hesitate to opt for a specific base adapted to your problem. For application, one coat is sufficient.

5. Apply your nail polish

After choosing your nail polish such as the Mélody pink natural nail polish from BOHO GREEN MAKE UP. All you have to do is apply it correctly, precisely, in two layers.

The first layer allows you to outline the area of ​​the varnish. Even if it is a little transparent and seems clear to you, it does not matter, because it is preferable that this first coat is thin so that it dries faster.

The second layer will make the color of your nail polish more intense and more opaque.

Do not panic if during the installation, you go a little overboard, there are now "gels" to put around your nails before applying varnish. The latter acts as a barrier, if you go over, don't panic, just remove the gel and you're done.

6. Put on a top coat

This is the last step for a perfect home manicure:apply a top coat to your completely dry nails. This will ensure a nice shine, but also a longer hold of the varnish.

7. Drying

The hardest step for many of us. Patience must be the key word. Don't think of anything, don't touch anything and wait. It may seem long sometimes, but for this time, no trick in sight, although... For the most impatient among you, there is a solution to speed up the process:immerse your nails in cold water.

Beautiful manicure to you Ladies, and stay Beautiful au Naturel!

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