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Tips against discolored nails

Tips against discolored nails

Are your nails discolored from using nail polish? With these tips you can refresh your nails.

Soak your nails

There are several remedies that can make your nails whiter again. A bath with lemon juice or denture cleaner can refresh your nails just that little bit.

Use nail whitener

Several brands have a nail whitener in their range. This is a polish that makes your nail bed appear pinker and the edges whiter.

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File the top layer of your nails

The discoloration is often only in the top layer of your nail. With a buffer file you can very carefully file and polish the top layer of your nails. Only do this in an emergency, because it makes your nails thinner and more fragile.

Use base coat

Prevent your nails from discoloring further or again. Before applying nail polish, apply a layer of base coat.

Give your nails a rest day once in a while

Do not paint your nails every now and then for a few days, so that your nails get a rest. In the worst case, you have to let the yellow color grow out, which can take a few months.