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A few tips for a tanned and luminous complexion without exposure

Summer is here, and we all dream of basking in the sun and getting some color. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and many of us will be locked in the office. But you can still sport a nice sunny complexion without going through the "pancake in the sun" or UV box. But how, you will tell me.

My secret lies in one ingredient, and not just any ingredient... The carrot.

Carrot juice

The carrot is the good-looking ally to put on your plate all year round! The carrot lightly colors the complexion, prepares the skin for the sun and accelerates tanning. The solution to eat plenty? Prepare vitamin juices to drink in the morning. Accompanied by fruit, we will have a good juice full of flavors and nutrients.

A carrot treatment

In this case, I recommend the use of Argan Oil with Carrot and Achiote Vegetable Oil from the Nabalsy brand, available in the Belle au Naturel July box. It will sublimate and prolong the tan if you have the chance to go in the sun. And for others, it sublimates the complexion and naturally gives a tanned and tanned complexion. Carrot oil is also an after-sun care, soothes and relieves inflammation. A real Swiss army knife.

Natural self-tanner

Self-tanning is still practical, but so much better if it's natural, especially since all the ingredients are close at hand. Mix in a bowl an egg yolk, two tablespoons of natural yogurt, five tablespoons of carrot oil (in this case the Argan oil with carrot and achiote HV from the brand Nabalsy) and five drops of carrot essential oil. Pour it all into a spray bottle through a funnel. Apply the cream once a day, massaging evenly after exfoliating. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse without rubbing. It is effective and very quick to prepare.


Last step, the make-up. Although it's too hot to pile on the layers, a few products will do the trick:a bb cream or mineral foundation (much lighter on the skin), a sun powder to apply on the areas to be warmed up, and a touch of illuminator on the top of the cheekbones, on the cupid's bow and under the tail of the eyebrow for a touch of radiance. The pretty golden shade of the Studio 37 illuminator enhances the tan.
And you, what are your tips?

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