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Get your hair ready for summer

1 - Do not hesitate to abuse natural oils

The hair is subjected to a higher rate of UV in summer. UVA rays, by penetrating deeply into the hair fiber, damage the keratin. To protect them, hair oils are preferred. For example, I recommend shea butter, coconut oil... We don't hesitate to add some after each swim. You can also opt for a hat or a scarf.

2 - Good habits to adopt

Prioritize care before and after nourishing shampoos. This is all the more important for dry hair. Do not hesitate to apply a moisturizer on the lengths before proceeding to the bath, but also a conditioner or a nourishing cream after shampoo. This month find in the Belle au Naturel box, the Centifolia leave-in detangling lotion is formulated with Raspberry Vinegar which brings shine and lightness to the hair as well as Aloe Vera which softens the hair without greasing it and thus facilitates detangling.

3 - Taking care of wet hair

After going to the beach or the swimming pool, always remember to rinse your hair well with clean water to rid your hair of chlorine, but also of salt and sand residue. A simple gesture that should never be neglected, because otherwise, if you rinse your hair badly, if you don't wash it right after, it will quickly become dry and rough. Another crucial step is brushing. Many women are unaware of the fact that their hair is more fragile when it is wet than when it is dry. So do not try to untangle them with a brush when they are wet, but use a coarse-toothed comb. A habit to keep throughout the year. It is also preferable to untangle them little by little from the tips, going up section by section towards the skull.

4 - Leave your hair alone

Leave your hair alone at least every other day. Put aside hair dryer and straighteners. Opt for natural drying and help yourself with a few bun clips to style your hair. Try to space out your shampoos as much as possible. This is the condition for beautiful hair. Finally, do not wash your hair in too hot water. If you can't, force yourself to rinse them with lukewarm or even cold water. Hot water opens the scales and dries out the fiber.

5 - Complete back-to-school hair ritual

If the hair routine has been adapted and conscientiously followed all summer, there should be no damage when you return from vacation. However, a complete in-salon ritual, with treatment oil, shampoo, nourishing cream (even a cut of the ends) will allow the hair to get a permanent makeover.

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