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Protecting your hair in the summer

Protecting your hair in the summer

Your hair has to endure a lot in the summer:sun, sea, salt, chlorine. If your hair is dyed, this can cause the color to fade faster. Reason enough to take good care of your hair.

1. Use the right products
You also do not care for your sensitive skin with a coarse scrub. The same goes for your hair:choose products that suit your hair type or use products for colored hair.

2. Use a factor
There are also products with spf for your hair. It protects your hair from the sun and your dyed hair color will last longer.

3. Give yourself a hair mask every now and then
Dyed hair is slightly more porous than undyed hair. Especially with long hair, the lengths can get a little drier. Therefore, use a hair mask once a week. To make the mask work extra intense, you can apply the mask to your hair and then put on a shower cap and let it soak in for half an hour.

5. Conditioner as protection
If you are going to the beach or pool for a day, put a little conditioner in your hair in the morning to protect it.

6. Wear a hat
For the ultimate protection, wear a hat or scarf around your head.