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How to keep the pretty skin of the summer?

We boost natural exfoliation.

To defend itself against the sun, the epidermis thickens. On returning from vacation, it returns to its normal state by desquamating. This is where the shoe pinches:the skin has trouble ensuring cell renewal in a homogeneous way. As a result, it is not smooth and does not reflect light well. Good news:some day care products (such as Shiseido's Ibuki Smoothing Cream, L'Oréal Paris' Sublimist Perfect Skin Correcting Super Serum or Vichy's Idealia Life Serum) include active ingredients that boost the skin's natural desquamation. Not only is the action very gentle (good point for sensitive skin), but above all, it replaces the weekly exfoliation. Downside for oily and/or budding skin:the month following the return, we prefer a treatment with glycolic or salicylic acid (it exfoliates and unclogs the pores).

We focus on antioxidants.

These molecules naturally present in the body help the skin to fight against free radicals (due to UV rays, stress, pollution... in short, everything that we find on our return). The best known are vitamins A, C and E, fruit polyphenols. New face and body formulas (such as Present Perfect Antioxidant Protective Lotion by StriVectin, Supremÿa La Nuit Grand Anti-Aging Eye Care by Sisley, Lift + Beauty Oil by Diadermine, Instantly Revitalizing Mask by Radical Skincare, Balm Generous Comfort Infinite 24H Argan from Galénic and also BB Caps from Biocyte) are full of them. Used daily, antioxidants boost radiance and, above all, help the skin fight against all signs of aging.