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Fashion trends to look forward to this fall-winter

All we have to do is look outside and it's pretty obvious - fall is just around the corner. Of course it's not exactly pleasant that it's getting gray and dark, but that means we can look forward to the latest fashion trends for a new season. What makes us happy now that the weather is a little less?

The classic diamond is back The check is back, this time in the all-classic trend. So no longer the striking, crazy or large checks that we have seen in all kinds of intense colors, but in neutral tones and then a beautiful, modest check. This dress is beautiful and has an extremely chic appearance which we absolutely love to see.

Keep your head warm in style
Certainly now that the weather is getting colder, we have to make sure that we also have something warm on our heads. Most of the heat escapes through our heads. For example, consider a stylish headwear from Kangol to keep your head warm. These are not only warm, but also look nice. That's double scoring.

The belt is going to make a comeback
The belt is not just practical these days, it has really become a fashion statement in itself. That is why it should also be seen. Preferably on your waist, because there you can see that a belt keeps all your different layers together.

Lots of different cardigans
Especially now that it's cold, we think it's a super good trend to follow, especially if you're a real cold. You wear your cardigan nice and nonchalant and fairly oversized, but of course not too much. Because of course you don't want to be 'too good' with your cardigan. Combine these with leather pants or jeans instead of a T-shirt. Are you afraid that you can't show your waist this way? Then you can keep everything together with the belt we mentioned above.

Color blocking
Orange with blue, pair and green and red and pink – if we are to believe the catwalks, we're going to see quite a bit of color in the end of 2020. What does it mean? Making different color blocks in your outfit. It's kind of like playing Tetris with your clothes. If you want to achieve the best result, it is important that you choose solid colors. What if you combine colors with prints, the subtle effect will soon disappear.